As a holistic entrepreneur, you want to make your big entrepreneurial dreams come true!

But it can be difficult sometimes to make your business visible, or it is not clear for you how you can make your dream business profitable.

Are you stuck in your current company? Or a new entrepreneur? I work with both! It is important to make a plan. A Business Legacy plan in which we make your dream business visible.

Do you find it difficult to give direction to your core values ​​and offer? Or do you find it difficult to ask the right prices for your offer?

My name is Joyce Mol. I runned my own yoga studio and online platform Mind Events Factory. I hosted retreats. Organized and promoted many workshops and trainings online and live. Ceremonies. Business Trainings. Corparate Classes. And now I live in the South of France and happy to share my knowledge about business and how you as Holistic Entrepreneur can build your business following your desires and standards. Most important is creating a strong foundation. Daring to ask your prices. But also make calculations how you can grow.

This is how I can support you. In a Holistic Dreamer Business Boost we discuss where you are now, which opportunities you have and what you need to do for it. With a clear guide.

I dare to assure you that I can help you towards a clear offer with fair prices. I have been an entrepreneur for more than 5 years, have knowledge of HR, marketing, SEO, building platforms, devising strategy, networking, living from the cycle and seasons. It’s time for you to start charging prices and put up an offer that makes you happy and that you don’t have to hold back.

What do you get in a Holistic Dreamer Business Boost Session?

In a session of 1.5 hours, we discuss where you are now and where you want to go with your company or, if you are still starting, how you can start. Even if you don’t have a company yet, such a session can be nice. We discuss your core values, your desires and your qualities. Based on this, we look at which offer is best for you. You may be able to continue with this. But if you want more depth, you can step into the complete Holistic Dreamer Business Boost Trajectory.

A separate Holistic Dreamer Business Boost Session costs €122. Book your separate Holistic Dreamer Business Boost session via email:

In the Holistic Dreamer Business Boost Traject you get:

☾ 6 weeks of coaching on your core values, qualities and desires to shape your product, service or course via zoom – we make a financial plan with mood board, and steps you will work towards for the next 5 years. So that your company becomes profitable.
☾ feedback on your sales pages and any support for your website

We discuss in a Holistic Dreamer Business Boost

  1. Your financial situation
  2. Your sales opportunities
  3. Where your turnover ends up now
  4. Your personal patterns
  5. Your personal growth opportunities
  6. Marketing strategy

We will feel the basis in it with breathwork, yoga, womb healing, inner work. Because if you don’t feel it, how can someone else be enthusiastic about your service or product?

We are going to clearly define your value. Your offer. Boost your self-esteem. Just because you deserve it.

Your investment in the Holistic Dreamer Business Boost Traject

Your investment for this trajectory is a one-off €1795,-

Book your 1st single session

Book your 1st coaching session via the agenda below. For the first session, you pay €122. This will be deducted from the invoice if you continue in a Course. Maybe 1 session is enough. But if you feel more, you can move on in a trajectory.

In the coaching I work with breathwork, yoga, inner strategy work, core value research, so that you can put your offer from your own nature and value. It’s time to shine your lies.

You can also book a private retreat with me for 5 days in the South of France. We can fill in this private retreat according to your wishes. Coaching, yoga, breathwork, womb healing, cocoa ceremonies. Working on your product, service and who you want to be as a person next to your company.