Private Back to Nature Retreat in the South of France

Go back to nature to remember who you are…

Take time for yourself to recharge & to remember who you are…

Feel welcome for a Private Back to Nature Retreat in the South of France. With yin yoga, flow yoga, fascia therapy breathwork, soundhealing, cacao ceremony, paddleboarding, cooling dips in the river, hiking in through the vineyards or along the river, delicious food. This nourishing Back to Nature retreat brings you back to your pure essence. Your inner nature. In which all answers can be found.

My name is Joyce Mol. Founder of Mind Events Factory, breathwork, (yin) yoga teacher, fascia expert, womb keeper, moon and cacao ceremony facilitator. I am located in the South of France in the Lot Department at the Lot River. This beautiful surrounding is the perfect spot to go back to nature. Finding yourself in slow living. Deep rough nature. Close to the natural elements of water, wood, fire, air and space.

I love to welcome you for a Private Back to Nature Retreat. You will sleep in a bell-tent in our garden. Request your private retreat dates below this page or email directly to

Imagine sleeping under the stars in the forest… reconnecting with yourself in nature. Nature is medicine. This is where you find yourself at home. Where you can ground yourself deeply and find space for new inspiration, energy and selflove.

Take time for yourself to recharge & to remember who you are...

Fire Element Class 28th of June

Join my Fire Element Class for Bliss, Balance and New Energy

Date: 28 June 10.00 – 11.00 AM CET (Amsterdam / Paris)

Welcome to the transformative journey of balancing your inner fire. This uniquely designed Fire Element Class integrates Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Breathing Techniques, and Fascia Release Practices into one cohesive, rejuvenating experience. Dive deep and kindle your inner flame to bring vibrancy, decisiveness, and dynamic energy into every aspect of your life.

Follow my Online Yin & Fascia Therapy Course

During this online yin & fascia therapy course, I invite you to dive deep into your body & the power of the elements, fascia lines and self-healing abilities. The fascia balls will bring you a deep experience within the body, mind & soul. There is no space to walk away from your emotions and disbalance. It is time to feel it, heal it and release it. By breathing, stretching deeply and using self massage techniques.

Experience deep stillness is what happens when using the fascia balls.

Private Divine Feminine Retreat

Escape to the picturesque landscapes and enchanting beauty of the South of France, where a transformative Divine Feminine Retreat journey awaits you. Join me, Joyce, for a private Divine Feminine Retreat in the South of France, a sacred space where you can reconnect with your inner self and embrace the powerful, radiant woman that lies within.

Unveil Your Divine Feminine Essence at our Private Retreat in the South of France

Experience a Feminine Retreat Like No Other

Discover the Ultimate Mom & Child Retreat: An Unforgettable Experience for You and Your Little One

Are you a mom who is in need of a break? Do you want to spend quality time with your toddler in a serene and rejuvenating environment? Look no further than this Mom & Child Retreat in Puy L’évêque in the South of France – the perfect getaway for both you and your child.

Escape the daily hustle and bustle of life and treat yourself to a refreshing getaway that caters to both the mom and their child. This retreat is designed to create a harmonious experience for mothers where they can relax, recharge, and bond with their little ones. It’s a unique opportunity to create lasting memories and strengthen the special bond between you and your child.


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relax your vagus nerve with fascia therapy

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