My name is Joyce Mol. Founder of Mind Events Factory. Breathwork & (Yin) Yoga & Fascia Therapy Teacher. Besides that, I love to work with old ancient rituals which are connected to mother nature, feminine rituals and cacao ceremonies. But also keeping it very grounded. Practical and Clear. In my workshops, retreats & 1:1 sessions, sound healing can be an element as well.

My journey

My journey into breath & body consciousness started in 2017. After a burn-out, I decided to connect more with my body through yoga. A year later I had to deepen my practice after a car accident which caused me a whiplash, PTSD and balance disorder. I started learning about yoga, old ancient pranayama, breathwork, Chinese medicine to heal myself from the physical and mental pain. The pain i ‘should learn to live with’. I didn’t believe in that. So this became my drive for self-healing and learning more about the self-healing ability. I healed myself within 6 months. I was so intrigued by this, that I wanted to share this with others. What we are capable of.

I guided 1000+ people with yin yoga, fascia therapy & breathwork

In the past years I guided more than 1000+ people towards healing and relaxation. With yin yoga classes, breathwork sessions, fascia therapy workshops, retreats, my online trainings and courses. And with my e-book Moon Phase Yin Yoga. My Online Cacao & Rite of the Womb Ritual is also followed often.

Part of my participants are teachers, therapists and coaches who want to deepen their practice or learn new tools. I love to learn people how to heal their body with the breath, yin yoga, fascia therapy, Chinese medicine and sound healing. My workshops and courses are connected to the rhythms of nature. Guided by old ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and scientific substantiation from the body and the fascia.

Grounding deeper within your body

I love to guide you to ground deeper within your body to let go of tension, pain, stagnation & trauma. Healing through breathwork & movement is also a great way to awaken your creative flow. Depending on your intention, we will create the session that you desire. It can be an active flow session or very yin with deep stretching, fascia therapy with massage balls, soundhealing in which you can fully surrender. If you need more in depth clarity.

Vedic Astrology

Yoga is connected to Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology. With my interest in the moon and the planets, I always work with themes in my classes connected to the moon. In the past years, my interest was going deeper into learning giving consults to those who want to learn more about themselves based on their birth chart.

My Vedic Astrology birth chart readings can give you insights about your strengths on a psychological level. It is connected to yoga and Ayurveda from the old Veda’s.

Knowing your values will support you in meeting yourself.

I love to guide people to their root. Where they meet their core values. Because when you know your core values clearly, you know exactly what fits and what doesn’t in your life. Personally and work related. I believe it is important to follow your own desires and values. This supports you to attract the life you want. The people you want in your life. The places where you feel the most alive. And your health. Mentally and Physically will improve drastically.

Book a retreat with my in the South of France

I am living in the South of France. Living more in connection with nature. Writing for my online platform Mind Events Factory in Dutch, on this website in English, and guiding 1:1 retreats, business retreats, and workshops which you can book below.

My online courses are available at any time.

You are more than welcome to one of my retreats in the South of France.

Any questions about a retreat? Feel free to e-mail me via info@joycemol.com or message me on Instagram via @yinwithjoyce

Surrender to life and flow from your root

It is all about connecting with your own breathing rhythm.

– Joyce Mol

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