Full Blood Moon in Scorpio on May 16

On May 16, the moon will shift to its full moon phase in scorpion at 6:15AM. Also known as the blood moon, this full moon coincides with a total lunar eclipse. Full moon in scorpio is a deeply felt full moon. A period of transformation and facing your shadow sides. So you can create space for lightness. Because this full moon falls during a full blood moon and lunar eclipse, this full moon is extra powerful.

Womb wisdom supports to ground within

Womb wisdom is a powerful way of healing. Healing trauma’s from the past that we carry with us from before being birthed by our mothers. Did you know that you was already there when your mother was carried in the womb of her mother? From this perspective we can carry trauma’s from the women’s line. From our grandmothers our mothers. In this blog I will explain a little bit more about womb wisdom.