Sound healing with crystal singing bowls is a holistic and healing method for body and mind. This can be helpful in resolving physical pain, trauma, and releasing stress-related emotions.

What are crystal singing bowls?

Crystal singing bowls are not cut directly from quartz. In fact, the fracture lines in the core of a rock crystal are too large to cut a shell without splitting the crystal. Crystal singing bowls are made from crystal powder that is heated to 4000 °C.

The crystal singing bowl is an instrument that resonates through the body based on frequencies. These frequencies have an effect on the chakra system. The tones of crystal singing bowls (C-D-E-F-G-A-B) are connected to the seven chakras.

The vibrations of the singing bowls resonate through the body at 432 Hz. Which supports rebalancing body and mind. This means regulating emotions and possibly reducing pain symptoms. So that you can relax on a deep level.

Physical response of a crystal soundhealing session

Because we as humans consist of more than 70% water, the vibrations of the sounds create a ripple effect in our system. Physical complaints and emotional stagnation can be released as a result.

It is also possible that women with menstrual complaints or imbalance in the cycle regain balance. By bringing the water balance and hormones in the body back into balance from deep relaxation.

Many people also experience light and sometimes see light when receiving a sound healing with crystal singing bowls. This is because you get into the deepest state of relaxation, where you meet yourself again. This level of relaxation has been forgotten by many people. Because of the pressure from society. But also pressure and ambitions that people impose on themselves.

Book a Crystal Soundhealing session in Puy L’évêque, Lot, Occitanië

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