Cleanse your womb energetically

The womb is a place in which women unconsciously and consciously store emotions. It is a place of creation and birth of life. But various events in life can cause imbalance in the womb. Think of sexual contact without love, abuse, contraception, trauma, etc. You can energetically cleanse your womb with various exercises. Read more about it in this blog.

Heart Opening Practices

The heart knows the way. When we take time to breathe consciously through the heart and let this land into the pelvis. We are arriving home within ourselves. Letting go of the ego mind and landing into your heart space supports you to live your life fully from a Heart Centered Space. In this article I will share several practices to open your heart & ground it deeply within yourself.

Pelvic release

Pelvic release is what brings us back to our roots. Our base. Feeling deeply. Home within ourselves. The 1st Chakra. Root. Muladhara is all about Grounding. It’s my home. Always with me. Always inside me. Always able to sink back into my center. My home.