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Discover Inner Peace with Vagus Nerve Practices and Yin & Fascia Therapy

In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of inner peace and relaxation is essential. Stress can accumulate and even lead to physical ailments if we do not take care of ourselves properly. Fortunately, there are effective ways to reduce this stress, and your vagus nerve, also known as the vagus nerve, can play a crucial role in this.

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Rebalancing Your Hormones with Happy Juice from Amare

Our bodies are complex systems where various factors play a crucial role in our health and well-being. One such factor that significantly impacts our overall health is our hormones. Hormones act as chemical messengers, regulating various functions in our body, such as mood, energy levels, metabolism, and sleep patterns. When you experience hormonal imbalance, it …

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An inactive, overactive or damaged vagus nerve? You could have these complaints

Did you know that the vagus nerve is the largest nerve in the body? Your vagus nerve helps your body understand when it is safe to let your body and nervous system enter rest mode. It is therefore not surprising that when the vagus nerve is overactive, inactive or damaged, you can experience complaints such …

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Exploring the Power of Tantric Breathwork: A Journey Into Self-Discovery

In this modern world, finding ways to reconnect with yourself and tap into your inner wisdom has become increasingly important. One powerful practice that offers a profound transformational experience is Tantric Breathwork. Rooted in ancient tantric traditions, this practice combines breath control, mindfulness, and spiritual exploration to awaken our vital life force and unlock our …

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Lucid Dreaming Dangerous: The Myths and Misconceptions

Lucid dreaming, the phenomenon of being aware and consciously participating in our dreams, has captivated the human imagination for centuries. While this practice can be incredibly empowering and enlightening, some misconceptions have cast a shadow of doubt over its safety. In this blog, we will explore the idea that lucid dreaming is dangerous, debunking common …

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Embracing Womb Care and Wombfulness: Nurturing Your Inner Sanctuary

The womb is a sacred space unique to those who identify as female, representing a symbol of creation, nourishment, and intuition. Honoring and caring for the womb can bring about a sense of empowerment, balance, and connection to one’s feminine energy. In this blog, I explain the concept of womb care and wombfulness. You will …

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Embrace the Energy of the Final Full Moon in 2023 in Gemini and the Mrigashīrsha Nakshatra

Just before the end of the year, there is one final celestial event to embrace and harness its energy for our growth and transformation. The final full moon of 26 December 2023 falls in the zodiac sign of Gemini and resides in the auspicious Mrigashīrsha Nakshatra. In this blog, I will share the significance of …

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The Power of the Portal Day of 12-12: A Spiritual Guide

On December 12, in addition to a new moon, there is a special cosmic alignment known as the Portal Day of 12-12. This day is considered a powerful energetic gateway that can accelerate our spiritual growth and transformation. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the meaning and possibilities that this Portal Day offers, …

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