Fear is an emotion that we all experience from time to time. It can hold you in its grip and prevent you from living fully. But what does fear actually mean, and how can you understand it better? In this blog, I delve deeper into the meaning of fear and its connection with the water element. Discover how the water element can help you understand and transform our fears.

Exploring fear

Fear is a natural human emotion that occurs when faced with threatening or unfamiliar situations. It can warn you of danger and motivate you to take action. However, fear can also become unhealthy if it prevents you from moving forward and finding your happiness. It is important to acknowledge and understand fear.

The symbol of water

Water is a powerful element, often associated with emotions and the subconscious. In dreams and symbolism, water is often associated with our deepest emotions and feelings. It can represent the flow of your emotions and thoughts. Water can be calming. But can also be terrifying if it appears in the form of waves or a deep sea. From element theory, the water element is central to winter. For silence. Reflection. Flow. Feminine energy.

The message of water

When we have anxiety dreams involving water, it may indicate a need to delve deep into our emotions and understand them. It may mean that there are unconscious fears, concerns, or unprocessed emotions that we need to explore and address. Water in a dream can also be a reminder not to suppress your emotions. But just allow them to flow and be healed.

Transforming fear through water

The water element can help you transform from fear to strength. Just as water can flow and adapt, we can also learn to be flexible in dealing with our fears. It can teach us to face our fears and confront them instead of running away from them. By allowing ourselves to go through a process of emotional transformation, we can melt our fear and find inner peace and balance. The water element is explained at a deeper level from Chinese medicine in this blog.

Water meditation to calm anxiety

An effective way to calm anxiety and strengthen your bond with the water element is through water meditation. Think of quiet, babbling streams, serene lakes or the powerful waves of the ocean. Visualize yourself in a beautiful water environment and breathe in and out gently. Let the power and calm of the water wash over you and feel it wash away your fears and make way for peace. Sitting by the sea and observing the waves can also be a very nice and healing meditation to release fear.


Fear is a deep-seated emotion that we all experience, but it can also be a powerful learning experience. By connecting with the water element and better understanding your fears, you can transform them and release your inner power. Let water be your guide through this process of self-discovery and let fears fade away in the flow of the river of your life.

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