Water element (tcm) & feminine energy

Chinese Medicine (TCM) explains mental and physical balance through the circle of natural elements, emotions and the organs. The elements we reflect on are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Our emotions and organs are connected to these elements. The elements of nature have an impact on our emotions and bodies. It is our journey to surrender to the natural cycle of life to stay connected with our true self and balance our emotions.

Breathwork and yin yoga are beautiful tools to create balance between Yin and Yang. In practice but also in everyday life. You learn to look at your emotions, body and behavior in an honest way. The reality of your life.

Water element is connected to the winter season and the feminine energy.


The organs that reflect on the meridian orbits of the water element are the kidneys and bladder.

The kidneys are linked to blood pressure, glucose metabolism and lower body circulation.

The bladder is on the longest meridian. This meridian runs through the brain and will therefore also affect your mind. For example, if you are consuming too much information and not processing it properly, you will experience a lot of stress. These emotions linger in the bladder.


The emotion associated with the Water element is Fear. Emotions as fear trigger lack in flow, creativity, deep stillness and feminine softness. Physically we look at the part of taking in water. If you drink too little water, your feelings of anxiety come up. Common complaints are back pain, headaches and mental problems. We can also look at the physical aspect in our connective tissues. The emotion fear can store pain and issues in the connective tissues and fascia. Movement, breathing, drinking water and connecting with natural water elements are improving the positive aspects and feelings of softness, feminine energy, creativity, flow and nourishing mothering energies.

Exercises you can do for the bladder meridians are forward bends.

It is best to practice backbends to stimulate the kidney meridians.

So in the end you make a combination of forward bends and backbends to balance the entire water element.

Feel and experience

Water cools down in the summer. To get closer to your water element, you can choose to get closer to the elements in reality. You can do this by going to the sea and swimming. You let all fear slide off you and thus come into connection with your water energy flow. Surrendering to life. Nature. Being present.

Change in your life will stimulate the bladder positively or negatively. Fear is very much related to making choices. If you find it difficult to make choices, you will experience doubt and feeling fear. The good news is. You are able to practice to get better at this. The more often you do it, the easier it gets.

Taking a cold shower, for example, helps enormously to stimulate blood circulation. If you never do this, you will suffer from cold water fear. By doing it again and again, you make a choice again and again and you learn to deal with it more easily.

You can practice this with everything. You start, you learn, you make it your own and you then move smoothly through life with it. And then something new will come up. New choices, new ways and challenges are always a learning phase. We grow in the uncomfortable.

Fear sends a message → the message is energy → with this energy you can do something to flow in change and surrender yourself to life.

Joyce Mol

When you experience a lot of fear, weakness develops in your nervous system. It is important to watch out for this. Too much yin is not good either. You then weaken. Balance the yin and yang to resolve the weakness. We need both. Yin and Yang.

Forward bend exercises will support you to release fear and shock. These exercises are also good to practice during the menstrual period.

The mooncycle is connected to the water element. In addition, the moon cycle is also linked to menstruation. If your water element is not in balance, you can experience menstrual complaints. As described above, you can practice forward bends.

This is what you feel when your water element is completely in balance

  • Playful
  • Confident
  • strong
  • kindness
  • Going with the flow
  • Connected to our bodies
  • Grounded
  • Live your life for yourself

Questions you can ask yourself to reflect on your water element are

  • How many people are currently drinking my vitality?
  • How much vitality is left for me?
  • How can I improve the connection with my water element and let it flow more easily?

Practice is all what takes us into a deeper connection with ourselves. Take time to change your habits. Be kind to yourself and start with practicing breathing exercises and yoga. In my Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book I share loving practices to balance the water element and surrender to your feminine energy.

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