The power of your own breathing rhythm

Every human has a unique breathing rhythm. This is linked to the person you are. From the rhythm you have. This is also the reason why many people suffer from hyperventilation, panic attacks and a disturbed breathing rhythm. When you try to sail along to the rhythm of someone else, have to perform under pressure or due to trauma, your breathing rhythm gets upset. When this happens on a regular basis or when you get stuck in it, your body gets used to this and you get into a vicious circle. In this blog I will tell you more about the power of your natural breathing rhythm and why it is so important to reconnect with your own breathing rhythm.

More peace in your body and mind with your own breathing rhythm

When you stay in touch with your own natural breathing rhythm, you experience more peace in body and mind. A large part of a disturbed breathing rhythm also originates in the brain. Because of insecurities, the urge to perform, perfectionism, mental complaints. A disturbed breathing rhythm can of course also be caused by physical complaints and compensation. But when we look at it from the mental side, we see that yoga and breathwork can make a good contribution to returning to the natural breathing rhythm.

Breathwork is a collective name for various breathing techniques that you can use to bring the breathing, body and nervous system back into balance. Originally it comes from the pranayama. Pranayama is thousands of years old and originates from India.

Prana means life energy. Ayama means to prolong or control. By getting started with breathing exercises you will learn how to return to your natural breathing rhythm. The rhythm that counts for you. So that you will experience more peace in your body and mind.

Confidence and relaxed breathing

Your breathing will flow more calmly when you experience more self-confidence. You can boost your self-confidence by realizing where your strengths and core values ​​lie. But also by applying breathwork, feeling what your desires are and the emotions you experience. The main focus here is on accepting who you are. Acceptance of your rhythm. Acceptance of your body and acceptance of your strengths and weaknesses.


Throughout the day you can remain aware of your breathing and behavior. Become especially aware of the moments when you experience restless breathing. Ask yourself where this comes from and how you can possibly change it. Of course, it helps by applying breathwork more often in your daily routine. Close your eyes and consciously breathe in and out.

Examples that cause troubled breathing are

– Worry, sadness, anger and frustration;
– Compensatory behavior due to physical complaints;
– Scrolling on social media;
– Working too long without a break;
– Too many social activities;
– Alcohol;
– drugs;
– trauma;
– Panic attacks;
– Fear of the fear;

Breathwork can teach you to better deal with your emotions. In addition, it can provide recovery for many physical and mental complaints. You can reduce chronic pain complaints with this. But you can also let go of the restlessness in your head when you take more space to consciously breathe through your body. You sink back into your body from your head.

Explore your own breathing rhythm

Would you like to learn more about what breathwork can do for you? Discover the power of breathwork in a 1:1 session with me, or visit me in the South of France for one of my retreats. I also developed a course about Breathwork in Dutch and you can subscribe for this one here.

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