Feminine versus masculine energy

We are reading more and more about it. Feminine versus masculine energy. Society is out of balance because people live too much in the masculine energy. Women have been oppressed for thousands of years and are trying to get a voice again. But what does it really mean? What is Feminine? And what is masculine? You can read more about it in this blog.

Life consists of yin and yang. Female and Male. Rest and Action. The meaning of feminine and masculine energy is being expanded, and beautiful meanings are being given to it.

The meaning of feminine energy

Feminine energy is seen as the soft energy of a woman. Yin energy. From yin yoga, we know the feminine energy from the yin meridians. Essentially linked to the water element. Bladder and kidney meridians. When these are in balance, we experience creativity, flow and silent power from the feminine / feminine energy. This leads to living from your intuition. There are various yin exercises you can do to balance these elements and connect more with that creativity, silence and flow.

When we look at women from the past, we see that women had fewer rights than men. This has changed in today’s society. Feminists demanded their ‘rights’ and the corporate world is also working more towards equality in positions.

This often leads to women becoming unbalanced and excessively present in the masculine energy. This also brings us to the point about the meaning of the masculine energy.

Did you know you can improve the connection with your feminine side with a yoni egg and yoni egg practices?

The meaning of masculine energy

Masculine is also seen as yang energy. The masculine energy. As women, we also carry this masculine energy within us. We wouldn’t be complete without it. But it is important to know how to use it. From flow or from ‘must’.

Masculine energy has gained the upper hand in our consumer society. We have to keep busy. Continue to consume. Keep improving. Take action, etc.

When we look at the real balance and meaning of the masculine energy, we can best use it from passion and pleasure. Don’t have to. True masculine energy comes from the heart. The yang energy.

There are various body-oriented and writing exercises to open your heart and connect with your passions and desires. Heart openers contribute to feeling aware of what is going on in your heart.

Fusion of feminine & masculine energy

Feminine and masculine energy is present in both men and women. Both are incomplete without one or the other. It is important to become aware of which energy you are most present in. Excessive masculine energy can make you feel unbalanced, frustrated and “compelling”.

While, too much of feminine energy can cause you to end up in jealousy and uncertainty. An optimal balance is always looking for. Give yourself space to play with that. This is also personal for everyone.

Books about feminine energy

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