Release trauma with the psoas muscle massage

Do you often suffer from sore hips? Pain in your lower back? What radiates to your legs or neck? Or tension in your groin? There is a good chance that there is tension on the psoas muscle. The psoas is also known as the muscle of the soul. Emotions and traumas are stored here, which manifests itself in pain or uncontrolled emotions if you do nothing about it. In this blog you will discover exercises and how you can massage the psoas muscle yourself and ease trauma. This helps you to experience space and relaxation again.

Massage the psoas muscle yourself with fascia balls in case of trauma

The connective tissue surrounding the psoas muscle is often overlooked in the resolution of chronic pain and emotional blockages. You can massage the psoas itself with fascia balls in combination with yoga poses that work for the psoas muscle. In the Online Yin & Fascia Therapy Workshop you will learn more about this.

Psoas exercise: deer pose

The deer pose is a posture that allows you to release tension in the hips, lower back and groin. With a deep stretch and breathing, you massage the psoas muscle itself from the inside.

This is how you get into the pose:

  1. Sit up straight
  2. Place your right foot back
  3. Place your left foot against your right thigh
  4. Inhale and twist to your left thigh
  5. Exhale and bend over your left thigh
    In the posture you can breathe slowly. To the pelvic area, groin and hips. It is often possible that tension is still unconsciously held in the glutes, lower back and hips. You can easily let go of this by first tensing your pelvic floor (as if you were holding in your urine) and then relaxing it again (letting go).

Then breathe in this position for 3-5 minutes.

Then take a moment to reflect. You come out of the posture quietly and lie down on your back to feel. Even in this relaxed position, you breathe consciously through the body. In this way you give space to the connective tissue, muscles and joints to return to the natural position. The moment of feeling is almost even more important than the posture itself, because you release tensions from the stretch.

Then you switch sides. And feel again

Psoas release during the Back to your inner nature retreat in October 2023

Feel welcome for this magical Back to your inner nature retreat in the South of France in October 2023! During this retreat, psoas release will be an important subject. Deep release of tension in the body and mind. You will reconnect with your inner nature by releasing all that you are not are and is stuck in your body.

My dutch online courses and classes for psoas muscle release:

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