Loosen psoas muscle with yin yoga

The psoas is also called the “muscle of the soul”. When you experience tension in the psoas, this often comes from continually crossing your boundaries and not being connected to your soul. By connecting with your body, you can connect with your soul. Yin Yoga is a beautiful way to loosen the psoas muscle. You can read more about it in this blog.

Release trauma with the psoas muscle massage

Do you often suffer from sore hips? Pain in your lower back? What radiates to your legs or neck? Or tension in your groin? There is a good chance that there is tension on the psoas muscle. The psoas is also known as the muscle of the soul. Emotions and traumas are stored here, which manifests itself in pain or uncontrolled emotions if you do nothing about it. In this blog you will discover exercises and how you can massage the psoas muscle yourself and ease trauma. This helps you to experience space and relaxation again.