The psoas is also called the “muscle of the soul”. When you experience tension in the psoas, this often comes from continually crossing your boundaries and not being connected to your soul. By connecting with your body, you can connect with your soul. Yin Yoga is a beautiful way to loosen the psoas muscle. You can read more about it in this blog.

Psoas muscle loosening and emotions

Unprocessed emotions and trauma get stuck in the psoas muscle. You can do various exercises to loosen the psoas muscle. Yin Yoga is a great method to loosen the psoas muscle. Emotions such as anger, anger, sadness and fear can be released. By applying yin yoga, you make room for these emotions in a gentle way. So it is very nice to loosen the psoas muscle and allow emotions with yin yoga.

Psoas muscle loosening physically

Physically, you can suffer a lot from pain if the psoas muscle is tense. Especially the pelvis, glutes and lower back can feel tense. This also works throughout the body. Your jaws may feel tense. And when you start to relax the psoas, you will notice that the jaws also come loose again. Emotions settle in the body and this becomes physically tangible. When emotions are released, the body and psoas muscle relax.

Exercises you can do to loosen spoas muscle

There are several exercises you can do to loosen the psoas muscle. In yin yoga we apply deep stretching in combination with breathing, feeling and letting go. Exercises for the pelvic area such as lunges, butterfly, twists and the swan, for example, are great exercises to loosen the pelvis and give the psoas muscle space.

Going on Back to Nature Retreat as nourishment for the soul

During the Back to your inner nature retreat from 4 to 9 October in the South of France, attention is also paid to releasing tension and emotions in the psoas. Attention can also be paid to this in a Private retreat. Or follow my Breath, yin & fascia therapy course online. My Dutch Yin & Fascia Therapy Course can be followed at any time.

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