Stimulate feminine power with those books

In recent years, I have started to delve into female power. Feminine Energy. How we live as women and how we can become more empowered by finding peace, rituals and energetic practices. A number of books have made a nice contribution to this. I would like to share a list with you here so that you can also delve into female power, rituals and practices whenever you want. Super valuable to stimulate your feminine power.

Womb Wisdom

In Womb Wisdom, you can read the forgotten powers of the womb. Various rituals you can do to heal the energy in your womb and stimulate creativity and feminine power in yourself. The energy from the womb on a mental, spiritual and physical level can be restored when you pay conscious attention to her. The magical organ that creates life on Earth.

Wild Mercy

The book Wild Mercy means the world to me. This special woman lived in different cultures, rituals and level of consciousness. She shares different stories, rituals from various cultures. I think it’s a wonderful book how she brings the stories together out of love for different cultures. A powerful book to stimulate your feminine power.

The gifts of imperfection

The Gifts of Imperfection was an insightful book for me as a former perfectionist. I recommend it to any perfectionist to read this book. Since then, I have been able to let go of perfectionism. I stick to my imperfectional self. Start before you’re ready. You are beautiful the way you are. This book is for woman to stimulate their feminine power. But even men can get a lot of insights from this book.


If you want to start living more from your creative power, I can highly recommend the book ‘BIG MAGIC’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. One of my favorite creativity books. It is mainly about trying, experiencing, enjoying and persevering. Creativity is something we can express from confidence. You can try out projects that you set up. If it doesn’t work, don’t sit down straight away. See how you can do it differently. Let it go. Or check with yourself again what your new direction is. This book gives you inspiration how to deal with this. It is a playful book in which you can fully immerse yourself in the story. Above all, it brings you self-confidence, courage and courage. This woman shows how to stimulate feminine power from creativity.

Yoni egg to stimulate your feminine power

In addition to reading books, you can also stimulate your feminine power through exercises with the yoni egg. This connects you to the base. The womb. The place where creation of life manifests and connects you with your feminine cycle.

Moon Phase Yin Yoga

In 2018, I created the Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book myself. It contains yin yoga sequences for each moon phase, information about the moon phases, Chinese medicine and journal practices. This helps you to regain balance physically, emotionally and spiritually and to sink into your soft feminine (yin) energy. Yin stands for the feminine, soft energy. Silence, creativity and flow.

More books about women & feminine power that inspired me

Elemental & Feminine Evolution Program to stimulate feminine power

If you want to dive into the power of the feminine energy together with a group of sisters, feel welcome to join my Elemental & Feminine Evolution Program in 2023.

The Elemental & Feminine Evolution Program is my year program in which you learn to work with the cycles of the natural elements. The wisdom of nature brings us back to who we really are and where we feel deeply connected to the cycles within our bodies. The cycle of the feminine is denied for years. Controlled. In this year program, you learn to live with the cycle of nature and how this influences your own natural cycle.

We as women grow and evolve from girl to adolescent to woman, mother, grandmother. With or without children. Some women may have a wish to get pregnant, others lost their child, or have to let go of them because they grow older. It doesn’t matter. When women connect with each other, magic can happen. When we listen to the stories of others, we can learn from each other.

I worked with many women in the past years. Guiding them to let go of old patterns, trauma, physical pain, emotional pain from the body, mind & soul. Some carry this pain in their womb. When we enter this world, we unconsciously carry patterns and trauma from the period in the womb or how we enter the world. In this online program, you will connect with your own natural cycle which allows you to let go of old patterns which allows you to step forward as the woman you want to be. In your power.

Read more about the full program here.

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