Ceremonial cocoa during pregnancy

Are you pregnant and wondering if it is safe to drink and eat ceremonial cocoa during your pregnancy? Nowadays, many advices are given about what you can and cannot eat during pregnancy. You can safely consume raw cocoa during your pregnancy. Not too much. But this is the advice for all kind of food. For ceremonial cacao, I always advise keeping it special for a ceremony. You can read more about it in this blog.

Drinking Ceremonial Cocoa During Pregnancy

At a cocoa ceremony, 30/40 grams of raw cocoa is often given to each person. This is an amount of cocoa that helps to open your heart and sink deeper into your body. You may react physically and emotionally to this in the form of love, more open and active. We recommend 15 to 20 grams of cocoa for a pregnant woman. You can let the facilitator know in advance if you want to attend a cocoa ceremony when you are pregnant. Or don’t drink the whole cup. Feel for yourself what feels okay. And stay in connection with your baby.

Traditionally, ceremonial cocoa was used by mothers around pregnancy to regain strength and positive energy after childbirth. Cocoa’s natural antidepressants can help with postpartum depression symptoms. As described above, a lower dose of cocoa is recommended to feel how the baby reacts, but also you as a woman (both during pregnancy and while breastfeeding).

Cocoa contains a trace amount of caffeine, but theobromine is responsible for its mild stimulant effect. Ask your midwife for advice if you have any questions about your specific situation.

Raw cocoa in your diet during pregnancy

You can safely add cocoa to your diet (breakfast, smoothie, desserts) when you are pregnant. A piece of chocolate a day would even have a positive effect on the blood circulation of your unborn child. Also, the endorphins produced by raw cocoa would have a positive effect on you as a woman during pregnancy. Raw cocoa has many more health benefits.

Do a cocoa ceremony before birth and after birth

Because raw cocoa has a positive effect during and after birth, it can be a nice ritual to do a cocoa ceremony during the last phase of your pregnancy. To welcome your child in love. You can do this in your own bubble. With your partner or alone to connect with your baby.

Raw cocoa also contains magnesium, which has a relaxing effect on body and mind. In addition, it also contains iron, which you need for recovery after childbirth.

You can read how to do the ritual below

  • Create your sacred space with gemstones, music and possibly things from your unborn baby;
  • Make your ceremonial cocoa drink with the recipe below:
    ♥ Raw cocoa from pure cocoa (half cocoa heart of 15 grams is sufficient during pregnancy)
    ♥ Add spices (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, shatavari (has an activating effect on the uterus and stimulates the production of breast milk), honey, coconut oil)
    ♥ 150 ml water, almond or coconut milk
    ♥ Heat this loving mixture and make sure all spices are well mixed with the cocoa
    ♥ Pour the ceremonial cocoa into a nice cup
  • Take the time to welcome the cocoa into a meditation. Breathe in love and exhale tension. Breathe consciously to your child to connect. You can turn on a nice playlist such as my ‘Birthing new life‘ list.
  • Then drink the cocoa with love and attention in connection with your child, the music. Draw a card for yourself and feel deep inside the loving connection you want to make with your child. This can be supportive of childbirth.

You can also do the cocoa ceremony in combination with the Full Moon Womb Awakening Class. A beautiful and healing ritual for the womb in which you let go of old pain and patterns. Also, nice to do after pregnancy as a healing ritual for the womb that has created new life. This ritual is currently only available in Dutch.

When you gave birth, you are always welcome to join me for a Cacao Ceremony, Yoga & Breathwork for Mom & Child. It’s a great way to connect deeper with your baby. Or feel welcome to book a 1:1 guidance session with me if you want to ground yourself deeper before giving birth and receive some guidance in this beautiful time of transformation.

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