Date & time: Monday 24th of April from 08:00 – 09:00 AM

During the Online Cocoa Ceremony, Mama & Child I will take you through a meditation, series of yoga exercises and breathing techniques that help you relax and connect with your baby. The cocoa ceremony helps you to open and ground your heart. In addition, the cocoa makes you feel more relaxed. Your child can stay with you during the cocoa ceremony, meditation, yoga exercises and breathing techniques. There will also be exercises that you do together with your child. And the rest of the time your child is lying on the ‘station’ of blankets enjoying your movements and touches.

The advantage of this workshop is that it does not matter whether you need to change or feed your child, or whether your child wants to play for a while. That’s what this workshop is for. For moms who think they can’t take a moment for themselves. But how beautiful is it to relax together and move together. And if your child falls asleep during the workshop, that’s fine too. Then your child is just relaxed.

The lesson can only continue if your child is also relaxed. And you can only take care of that by feeding your child when he or she is hungry, changing when necessary, and stimulating when necessary. And of course, it’s nice to get together with other mamas and babies.

Benefits of the class
– helps with a flattened head and with a preferred position
– connection between mom & the child will get stronger
– the mom can practice some yoga with other mom’s
– the mom has time for herself while her baby is enjoying the time as well

What do you need at home?
Raw ceremonial cacao or a cup of tea
– Toys
– Wean if your child is used to this
– Milk from the bottle or aids for breastfeeding such as a muslin cloth etc. (cushions are in the studio)
– Blanket of yourself and or your baby
– Blankets or rug that you can put your baby on
– Baby likes to put on layers that you can take off just like for yourself

If your child is a bit older and can already stand or walk, your child may participate in the exercises 🙂

Children from 0-2 years old can join

Price is €15,-

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