Hi beautiful,

My name is Joyce Mol. Founder of Mind Events Factory. Feminine Breathwork & Yoga Teacher. Cocoa facilitator, moon guide and womb keeper. Currently I live in the South of France with my partner where we surrender more to a life in nature.

My journey in spirituality and consciousness began when I was a little girl. My mother and my grandmother taught me a lot about consciousness at the time. Via Reiki, Breathing, Body scans and even ended up with acupuncture if something was out of balance. Later, when I lived in Amsterdam and got a burnout, I started doing yoga. I found out that sleeping pills were not a solution for my stress and physical tension. It was the way of life.

Yoga and breathwork brought me back to my pure essence. In my heart I felt that I could follow my intuition to feel more connected with myself.

In my lessons, workshops and courses I love to guide you in opening your heart and grounding in your body. Connecting with the body and finding balance between body and mind will bring you peace and trust.

Surrender to life and flow from your root

It is all about connecting with your own breathing rhythm.

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