Full moon June 2023 in Sagittarius or Scorpio?

On June 4, 2023, the full moon is in the constellation Sagittarius according to Western astrology. Exactly at 5:41 am. This full moon is also called the strawberry moon. But when we look at Vedic Astrology, the full moon is in Scorpio. In this blog, you can read the meaning of this full moon and which rituals you can do.

Feminine versus masculine energy

We are reading more and more about it. Feminine versus masculine energy. Society is out of balance because people live too much in the masculine energy. Women have been oppressed for thousands of years and are trying to get a voice again. But what does it really mean? What is Feminine? And what is masculine? You can read more about it in this blog.

Release trauma with the psoas muscle massage

Do you often suffer from sore hips? Pain in your lower back? What radiates to your legs or neck? Or tension in your groin? There is a good chance that there is tension on the psoas muscle. The psoas is also known as the muscle of the soul. Emotions and traumas are stored here, which manifests itself in pain or uncontrolled emotions if you do nothing about it. In this blog you will discover exercises and how you can massage the psoas muscle yourself and ease trauma. This helps you to experience space and relaxation again.

New Moon in Aries on the 21st of March

Do you live from your heart? Explore it during the New Moon in Aries! The new moon is in Aries on March 21 in 2023. At 18:26 exactly, the new moon is. This new moon is in a fire sign. A fire sign asks you to feel what makes your fire burn. What is your heart full of? In this blog you can read how you can start working with the energy of this new moon.

Wood element

The wood element represents growth. The element of spring. Now that spring is coming again, you may also feel that you want to get more exercise. In the spring, all plants, flowers and trees bloom again. But you as a person are also growing more outward during this time. We leave the silence and tension behind us. The flowering outside can sometimes also cause tensions and emotions. In this blog, I will tell you more about what the wood element does to you and what yin yoga can do for you.

Gallbladder meridian out of balance? No change without anger!

Many people say. Oh, don’t get so angry. Or don’t feel so sad. That’s a waste of your time. But is that really so? Suppressing emotions or dismissing emotions can lead to annoying complaints. Mentally and physically. When we look at it from Chinese medicine, emotions are linked to organs, physical and mental complaints or positive energy. In this blog, you can read about gallbladder meridian out of balance and what you can do to restore this.

Full Moon in Virgo, March 2023

The full moon in Virgo in March 2023 is coming. On March 7, it’s time to ground & rise. Virgo is an earth sign. This zodiac sign asks you to ground yourself. But also slowly rising from the earth. Do you know that feeling? That you feel grounded? But are you also ready to shine? In this blog, you can read more about how you can work with the energy of this full moon!

Various ways of self-massage

When you suffer from stiff muscles or experience emotional blockages, it is nice to apply self-massage. This way you can relax into your body again and experience more energy. You can do self-massage with your hands. But also with fascia massage balls in combination with yin yoga postures. In this blog, you can read more about various ways of self-massage.