Using essential oils during pregnancy safely

For more than a decade, people use essential oils for body and mind. During massage, yoga and breathwork. It has many benefits. On a physical, mental and spiritual level. People start using the essential oils in their homes as well for cleaning and preparing meals. During pregnancy, you have to keep in mind that not every essential oil can be used. In this blog, I will share more about it.

Which essential oils can be used during pregnancy?

Many essential oils cannot be used during pregnancy. Although these oils are natural, they are very powerful and should therefore be avoided if you are pregnant. The oil is absorbed into the blood and thus also reaches the baby. All essential oils containing ketones are potentially neurotoxic and can lead to miscarriage. Oils such as cypress, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, marjoram etc. should not be used during the entire pregnancy.

Others can be used from the 4th month such as lemon, lavender, tea tree oil, orange, bergamot, grapefruit and geranium. Ginger is also a nice oil to use against nausea.

Essential to be used off the body

It is possible to use peppermint and eucalyptus for example to smell when you feel nauseous. Valor is also an oil which can help you ground when your hormones are heavy.

Essential oil combinations during pregnancy and birth

When you feel tired, it can be helpful to use an essential oil which will give you energy. The combination of orange and bergamot is magic when you want an energy boost during your pregnancy and when you give birth. It is possible to make a roller with both oils. Or you can write me via e-mail that you want to receive a roller. I will send it with pleasure to you to give you a pleasant experience during your pregnancy and birth.

I make use of the oils of young living. You can also order your own starter kit, which contains a diffuser, 12 different oils. Diffusing is always possible. Only use on the body needs attention for some oils. It can be helpful during pregnancy to use essential oils. To find more peace and calmness during your day.

You can order your starter kit here if you want to start experimenting with essential oils.

After pregnancy

After pregnancy, you can use all the oils again. It’s about your personal preference, which oil you like for each situation. This can vary depending on your mood. After you have ordered a starter kit, you can always order extra oil for the diffuser. You can then order in smaller quantities. For example, 1 oil per month. Or other essential oil goodies. There are also cleaning products, detergents, creams and wipes for your little one.

It is also nice for your little one to order a Feather Owl diffuser. This has a humidifier option, white noise sounds and is nice to diffuse a relaxing scent.

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