Practice Yin Yoga Poses during each moon cycle

Yin Yoga is a method of yoga in which we work on the deeper connective tissue. Postures are held for three to five minutes to create more relaxation in the connective tissue, muscles and joints. In addition, it also helps to strengthen them and become more emotionally balanced. During the lunar cycle, yin yoga poses can be supportive to connect more with yourself.

Living with the Moon Cycle

When you live according to the lunar cycle, yin yoga poses can be helpful in staying or coming into balance. The moon affects the earth. We as humans can be more emotional during the different stages. This has to do with the fact that nature feels different. It may be brighter outside during a full moon, making you sleep worse. Or you have a greater need to turn inward during the new moon. The period in which this theme is also central.

Why you should practice yin yoga during the lunar cycle?

Yoga, breathwork and meditation can be helpful to sink into deep feeling. This way you get more in touch with yourself and because of this you know better what you need physically and emotionally. It really is a moment for you in which you create peace and space in body and mind.

Moon Phase Yin Yoga Ebook

My Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book is full of yin yoga poses that you can do during the entire lunar cycle. Yin Yoga exercises are connected to Chinese Medicine. The meridians (organs, elements and emotions). You can also read more about what the exercises are good for physically and emotionally in my e-book. Furthermore, there are writing assignments for each lunar cycle that you can do after each yin yoga sequence (series of exercises).

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