October 9 is the Full Moon in Aries. Exactly at 10:54 pm CET. The full moon in Aries is a fiery one because it is a fire sign. During this full moon, you may feel confused, rushed, and may be making decisions too quickly. Therefore, take your rest and feel well how you want to distribute your energy. In this blog, you can read more about the energy of the full moon in Aries.

Full Moon in Aries in October

Aries is a fire sign, which makes for a fiery and decisive period. You will want to make decisions about what you want to do differently and projects that you want to get done, you are racing through that right now. Very nice for all those tasks that are still waiting for you. Full moon is also the period in which we complete projects and celebrate the successes we have achieved.

Also be watchful of your energy. You may feel like you have energy for 10. But it’s still important to keep doing activities for yourself that recharge you.

Rituals to recharge yourself during full moon in Aries

There are various methods and activities that allow you to recharge. For example, you can take a full moon walk or go into silence to calm your fire element.

Breathwork & yoga

Methods such as breathwork and yoga help to calm your nervous system and energy again. In these methods, we work with the ‘natural elements’ and meridians so that you can align the various elements with each other and bring them back into balance.

The Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book contains various practices for each moon phase, including Journal practices and information about each moon phase. A practical Journal which you can print yourself and reuse every lunar cycle.

Meditation, yoga or breathwork during the full moon is helpful to sleep better, to find more peace within yourself and offers support in setting intentions. This way, you can consciously name what you want to let go of and let it guide you to deep rest and relaxation.

The full moon is felt two days before the full moon and two days after the full moon.

Charging gems and moon water

During full moon, it is also the time to recharge your gems and create moon water. You can put your gems in the garden in the ground in the moonlight or on the windowsill in a container of water. First, check whether your gemstones can be properly cleaned in water. Not every gemstone is suitable for this.

In addition, it is a great time to create full moon water. You can place a carafe of water in the moonlight and drink the charged water the next day. Moon water tastes softer than regular water. You can make tea from it, put it in your bath with healing herbs or, for example, feed your plants and animals with it.

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