More and more attention is being paid to the power of the moon on us as humans. For example, people believe that the full moon affects our sleep. We also regularly hear that more children are born during the full moon. But is that really so? This brings us to the question: ‘Is it true that more women are giving birth during the full moon?’ In this blog, you will read the answer to this question.

We also dive into various birth rituals worldwide.

Giving birth during full moon

It is not without reason that some believe that more women give birth during the full moon. After all, the moon has an influence on our earth (read: the tides of water), so why not on us as humans? The fact that the moon affects water is a reason for many to believe that the position of the moon has an effect on us as humans. And therefore also on the number of births during full moon. But is that true?

The answer to that question is ‘no’. It has not been scientifically proven that more babies are actually born during a full moon. Various studies have shown that the number of births during a full moon is equal to the days when it is not a full moon. It is true that most babies are born at night. According to researchers, this explains why people believe that more women give birth during a full moon. The moon is simply more visible at night, especially when it is full moon, so we are more aware of the phase of the moon than during the day.

Living with the moon

The fact that it is a myth that more women give birth during a full moon, does not mean that you should leave the moon for what it is. After all, for many people, the moon is a powerful support for life. They therefore use the different phases of the moon to give rhythm to life and to make optimal use of the moon’s power.

The full moon period is when the moon is at its most powerful. Are you or your partner due during a full moon? Then you may find that you react emotionally to situations and sleep worse. From astrology, it is therefore recommended to take a step back. It is up to you as an expectant father or mother to experience what this means for you.

Birth rituals

If you’re expecting a baby soon, stay tuned. Many people who study the phases of the moon and live in the rhythm of the moon also use various birth rituals when their son or daughter is born. A ritual is, after all, a good point of reference to give extra thought to a birth. For example, women all over the world have been performing rituals at birth for centuries. According to them, the way we receive new life is important for the life ahead.

Curious about various birth rituals? Below, we share some common rituals from around the world.

Latin America

There are various ways in which populations receive new life. In Latin America, it is common for women who have just given birth to focus on the bond with their baby for the first forty days. This is also called la cuarentena, the quarantine. The mother and their baby stay indoors during that period and are central for forty days. They are taken care of: from cooking to washing and everything in between.

West Africa

An important birth ritual in West Africa is the burial of the placenta. The Ibo, a people in West Africa, see the placenta as the organ that ensured that your baby was born healthy. Burying the placenta is therefore an important part of the birth ritual. To honor the placenta, they bury the placenta under a tree. They call that place the ‘zan boku’, or: the place where the placenta is buried.


The Balinese people believe that a baby is close to the spirit world after birth, so babies are not allowed to touch the floor for the first few months. Only when the baby is 105 days old should it have first contact with the floor. That milestone is celebrated with a festival, the Nyabutan, where the baby is blessed.

Do you want to know more about the moon? Then you can also use the Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book to attune your life to the rhythm of the moon. Want to read more about the moon? Go here to all moon blogs.

Books about giving birth

Want to know more about giving birth? Here you will find many books about giving birth. It is always good to inform yourself about the process of giving birth and learn how you can be more in charge of your own birth process. Giving birth during the full moon can be a special moment for you. But it is most important that you know what is important for you during the process.

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