Fascia yoga for relaxation and release chronic pain

What is fascia?

Fascia is tissue that surrounds muscles, organs, joints and bones. For a long time, it was thought that chronic pain could only settle in the muscles. But the influence of fascia is much greater. It connects the whole body together as an organic network. When blockages in the fascia arise through fractures, operations, scars or emotions, this affects the entire network. Fascia stimulation with yoga can help restore fascia to health and release emotional and physical blockages.

What is fascia yoga?

Yin & Fascia Therapy is a form of yoga that uses props as fascia balls. By using these in yoga poses, complaints can be solved on a deeper level. For example, yin yoga poses are combined with massage balls. But building strength is also important in keeping the fascia flexible and strengthening the body.

Yin Yoga is a well-known yoga form in which we hold postures for 3-5 minutes to dissolve blockages in the connective tissue. This works physically and emotionally. When extra stimulation is added with fascia balls, you can go even deeper into the connective tissue. Often you can also reach places with fascia balls that you cannot reach with the yin yoga pose alone.

Which complaints can I solve with it?

  • Chronic pain;
  • Tension and stagnation in the pelvis;
  • Emotional blockages that are difficult to let go of;
  • Make scar tissue healthier;
  • Reduce back pain;
  • Being less in your head and more in your body;
  • Learning to slow down and feel which emotions are present.

Where can I learn fascia yoga?

You can learn Fascia yoga online and live with me. My name is Joyce Mol. I am a Yoga, Fascia & Breathwork Teacher. In 2019 I developed the Yin & Fascia Therapy Training in Dutch which has already been followed by more than 300 people. Think of individuals with chronic pain complaints, scars, emotional blockages. But many yoga teachers, acupuncturists, (massage) therapists, breath work coaches and body workers also followed this training live and online. It is a nice addition to your current toolbox that works deep into every cell. And also a nice journey for yourself in which you travel to deep silence, peace and relaxation.

Now in 2023 I start with an Online Training in English which starts at the 5th of January. Feel welcome to join the 6-week Online Breath, Yin & Fascia Training. It will impress you on a mental and physical level. It goes deep into every cell of the body. This training will transform you while reaching deep stillness and relaxation.

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