Transition to autumn and metal season

Chinese medicine works according to the cycle of the natural elements. The elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water are central to the seasons in the year. Each of them affects our organs, emotions and patterns. When the fall starts, we flow into the metal element. The season of letting go. In this blog, you can read more about the metal season and how you can transition with balance in this element.

Organs metal season

  • Lung meridians
  • Large Intestine Meridians

Letting go and holding on during metal season

The metal element stands for letting go. In autumn all trees let go of their leaves and we as humans also make room for letting go. Metal element is linked to organs from Chinese medicine. We already mentioned them above. The lung and large intestine meridians have an influence to stimulate during this season for balance and relaxation.

Below is an illustration where you can see all meridians and where they run.

How can you stimulate the meridians of the metal season?

In Chinese medicine, there are several ways to balance the metal element and the meridians. For example, you can go to an acupuncturist. But yin yoga is also an effective method to stimulate the meridians. You can also keep track of this yourself. I practice yin yoga myself to keep up with it. But if there really is something I can’t figure out myself or if I want extra support, acupuncture is a nice addition.

Yin Yoga: heart openers and lung openers

In the process of letting go, we create more breathing space for ourselves. Yin yoga poses that fit this process of letting go are heart openers and lung openers. So stretches for opening the chest area. But also exercises that promote bowel movements in the release of waste products and leftover food in the form of stool.

This helps, among other things, to let go of emotions such as sadness.

Breathing exercises for more breathing space

In addition to the fact that yin yoga poses can provide more breathing space, there are also various breathing exercises that provide more breathing space and letting go of sadness.

Breathing is an activity that we can control ourselves. But above all, being able to follow from the already existing breathing rhythm that we carry within ourselves. So less from control, but more from the actual rhythm of the body. The body knows how to breathe naturally when we allow it.

We can improve breathing by applying breathing techniques and releasing stuck emotions from the body. In my yin & fascia therapy course you will learn more about it. Or read about yin & fascia practices in my newest e-book.

Back to nature

Connecting with the elements of nature is the easiest way to balance yourself. You are more than welcome to book a private retreat with me in the South of France. You can stay in a bell-tent or discuss other locations with me (an apartment at a château or in a bungalow).

Books about the five elements

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