New Moon in Aries with Solar Eclipse on April 20!

The new moon of April 2023 is in the constellation Aries on April 20 2023. Including the Solar Eclipse, this is an incredibly powerful new moon. It’s a period of change. Connecting to your inner fire and letting go of what no longer suits you. In this blog, you can read more about the power of this new moon in April.

During this new moon, the eclipse season starts. This season brings changes and emotions that may overwhelm you. But at the same time, it gives you direction. So give yourself space to process and feel what is important to you during this new moon. New moon is also a period when new intentions are set.

Big changes during new moon in Aries

During the new moon in April 2023, big changes can come your way. This new moon in Aries is extra powerful due to the solar eclipse and eclipse. Aries is a stubborn and fiery sign that calls for perseverance, change and renewal. During this new moon, also take the time to reflect on what you want to focus on in the upcoming lunar cycle. It may well be that your emotions are more intense. Therefore, consciously take the time to feel what may change for you. By going inward with breathwork, yoga and meditation, you can connect with your intuition. And your intuition is your most powerful advisor.

What you can experience during the energy of the new moon and solar eclipse in April 2023

You may sleep worse, feel more emotional, experience hormonal complaints. It is therefore important that you take good care of yourself during this period. Consciously take moments to turn inward. What are you feeling right now? The energy of the moon affects us as humans, oceans and nature. Since we are one with nature, this certainly affects us as humans.

Feeling emotions, letting go and following your heart

During the new moon, it is a good time to become aware of what makes your fire burn. What do you get energy from? What makes you happy? And what doesn’t make you happy? You often experience strong emotions because you carry energy that you would rather release. Take the space to write down what you want to release this lunar cycle. What no longer suits you? What do you want to release? This creates space to follow your heart.

Rituals to do during the new moon in April

Cacao Ceremony to connect with your heart

During the New Moon, it can be helpful to do a cacao ceremony to connect with your heart. The heart knows the way. And connecting with the heart will give you deep insights from your intuition and soul feelings. It is a deep, renewing experience. You can do a cacao ceremony in your home in your own space. Meditate on what is important for you. Feel deeply within your body what your soul brings on fire. You can buy ceremonial cacao via pure kakaw.

Practice Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a beautiful way to connect deeply with your body. With deep stretches, you will ground and make the energy flow again in your meridians and body. My Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book which is read in a lot of countries will give you guidance through all moon phases with yin yoga practices, journal practices and information about Chinese medicine, meridians and more… The new moon is the perfect period to start with the practices of this e-book. And you can use this each moon cycle again. Combine it with a journal or print the e-book yourself.

Create a little altar for yourself

You can create a little altar for yourself with crystals, things that are important for you. Sage. Palo Santo to clear your space with and your energy.

Essential oils for the new moon

Essential oils that will guide you in your journey during the new moon. Essential oils you can use during the new moon are oils which give you inspiration or abundance. The oils I would recommend are: Cedarwood, Grounding, Vetiver, Inspiration, Believe and Abundance. You can also order a starter kit for yourself, including diffuser and becoming a brand ambassador from essential oils.

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