Is the Moon in Cancer or Gemini on July 17, 2023? When you look at it from Vedic astrology, you will discover that the new moon is not in Cancer, but in Gemini. The difference is in Western and Vedic zodiac astrology. You can read more about this in this blog.

New Moon, July 2023 according to Vedic astrology

On July 17, according to Vedic astrology, the new moon is in the constellation of Gemini. This differs from western astrology by 23 degrees. Vedic astrology looks at the position of the stars and the planets of the time before the ‘clock’ was introduced by the rhythm of the sun. In addition, the sidereal zodiac is used instead of the tropical zodiac.

Vedic astrology views the world from a gentle feminine energy. The masculine energy from the western world.

Meaning New Moon in Gemini

Geminis are types who prefer to move in their own strength and energy. This makes them independent, free and creative. Geminis are smart, positive, open-minded and love company. The New Moon in Gemini in July 2023 invites you to move in your own strength and energy. Gemini is an air sign. Air signs can be in their heads a lot. They are constantly on and analyzing everything.

At the same time as the fire element in the summer, they can overheat. So it is also important to connect with your body. Breath work and yoga can help with this. Air, space, energy and deep stretches can contribute to deep grounding yourself.

Set intentions during the new moon on July 17, 2023

The new moon is a period of feeling that you want to focus on in the coming lunar cycle. What does your energy flow from? What makes you super excited? Or what gives you peace of mind? In my Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book you will find practices for the new moon cycle that help you set intentions. But they also help you understand the cycle of the moon. And how from that new moon cycle you can give your intentions space to bloom and grow.

Vedic astrology consult & life coaching

Do you want more clarity about your life? A Vedic astrology consult can give you this based on your birth chart. It is all written in the stars. This will give clarity about topics as career, personal development, relationships, the past, the future health etc. It will give you insight of what you can work on from a spiritual, emotional and physical perspective. Advice will be given from the view of yoga, Ayurveda and astrology.

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