Your moon sign as insight in your emotional need

When we talk about our horoscope, it is often about your zodiac sign. The active sign in your horoscope. Masculine energy. But when we look at your horoscope in Vedic astrology, the most important signs are the moon sign and the ascendant. Your moon sign provides insight into your emotional need. I will tell you more about it in this blog.

Moon sign as a common thread in your life

When you start seeing your moon as the red thread in your life, you will understand why you experience certain emotions and why certain events happen in your life. From Vedic astrology, we view life from a soft feminine power. In which we can move through life from relaxation with space for our emotions.

The moonsign can differ in Vedic and Western astrology. From Vedic astrology, my moon is in cancer. In Western astrology, this is Leo. A water sign or a fire sign? I recognize them both. However, from my emotional being, I recognize the Cancer more as my sign in the moon.

The connection with your mother

The moon sign is the connection you have with your mother. Your emotional world. How to be emotionally grounded and make connections. The moon is also seen as the mother (feminine) and the sun as the father (masculine).

Your moonsign is calculated by the position of the moon at the time of your birth, and according to Vedic astrology is the most important planet to look at in your horoscope.

Are you curious about your moon sign according to Vedic astrology? And how does this affect your life? Then book a consultation with me. On this page you can read which information I need from you, and the costs for a consultation.

Determine your moonsign

How do you know what your moon sign is? To determine your sign in the moon, I need your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. To the minute. I would like to explain the meaning of this to you in an online consultation. In connection with the planets and zodiac signs it affects all areas of your life. Work, personal development, relationships, emotions, travel, money et cetera.

Want to learn more about living with the rhythms of the moon?

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