The full moon will be in the water sign of Pisces on September 10, 2022, at 11:58 AM CET. The water sign Pisces is related to your emotions and feelings. Pisces are dreamers by nature. Emotional people in whom the feeling of the world around them is always based on their intuition. During this full moon, it is important to reflect on what you feel and how you react to the world around you. What do you notice about this? What else would you like to see? In this article, you can read more about the full moon in Pisces and how you can balance your energy.

Meaning Full Moon September in Pisces

Water and earth always work together. The full moon is in Pisces in September. Opposite this is the sun in the earth sign Virgo. Emotional versus grounding element. Where are you right now in your life? And what do you want to change for yourself? You can reflect this to your home situation, work situation, family situation and friends.

By first going into feeling with yourself and examining which emotions are really playing at this moment, you give yourself the space to feel what you need.

During the full moon, we often take the space for celebration. It is the period devised plans, projects and goals come to a successful end. In addition, you also take your intentions for what you want to let go of during the waning moon and the last quarter.

Rituals you can do during Full Moon in Pisces in September

Write from your heart

Take the space to write down for yourself what you want to let go of. What does your heart and soul need? What are your intentions for this full moon? Then take the space to ground these desires in your body. This way, you can actually let go of what you no longer need, and you can let your new desires land / ground in yourself.

In the Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book written by the Founder of Mind Events Factory, Joyce Mol, you also get practices for each moon phase. Yin Yoga practices for each moon phase. Journal (writing) practices for each lunar phase and lunar cycle information. This can help you start living more in a natural rhythm. Your energy can flow better. You will also learn about the meridians and Chinese medicine. Yin Yoga is linked to Chinese medicine. Attuned to the elements of nature. The e-book is available in English and in Dutch.

Rite of the Womb

Full moon is a great time to connect with your womb, pelvis and feminine power. For centuries, women’s energy has been suppressed. While being a woman is really something beautiful. You may feel that you have something to let go of from your womb or woman line. Or you want to balance your feminine cycle more. The Full Moon Rite of the Womb Ceremony is a beautiful ritual to reconnect with yourself and to remember who you really are. This ritual is in Dutch only at this moment. It’s a recording which you can do in your own time and space during Full Moon.

This ritual is based on the rite of the womb. A ritual that has been passed down from woman to woman for centuries. It helps you to let go of old pain and fear from the womb and the woman’s line. A sacred ritual in which you create your own womb space, as it were, and go on a deep inner journey. So that you feel and remember who you really are from the essence.

The full moon and the water element play an important role in this. We as humans and women consist for the most part of water and the full moon has a major influence on our hormone balance, energy and uterus. This ritual has a healing effect for women who want to have children, who have had a miscarriage, who are pregnant, who have just given birth and who have trauma from childbirth. But also women who already have children or are in the menopause can benefit greatly from this ritual.

The influence of the full moon in Pisces on your energy level

During a full moon, you may feel more tired than usual. It is a period when projects, goals, relationships and business come to an end. Give yourself the space to recover from this. Being at rest with your body and getting ready for a period of letting go.

The full moon also gives off a lot of light outside. This can also make you sleep worse. A ritual can help you get to sleep better.

It is well known that the moon moves water. Because we humans also largely consist of water, you may feel more energetic during the full moon and want to do all kinds of things. Take the space to let go. You can do practices that support you, such as yin yoga or a womb healing ritual. But you can also take a nice full moon walk so that you sleep better afterwards.

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