The pelvis and the creative power

We unconsciously store a lot of tension in the pelvic area. Where the connection between the pelvis and creative power is empowered. The source of creation of life. Tension settles in this area when we don’t move enough, adopt wrong postures, experience emotional blockages. But also physical discomfort through trauma, injury, etc. creates a blockage in creativity, energy and relaxation. In this blog you can read more about the connection between the pelvic area and the creative ability.

Pelvis/womb and feminine energy

The uterus is located in the pelvis. The place of creation of life. The feminine energy has been suppressed or seen as weak for years. While this actually brings life. Creativity. flow. When we live and work more from masculine energy, a blockage occurs in the system of the uterus and pelvis. This can cause complaints during menstruation, fertility and energy management.

Trauma and effect on the creative ability

Trauma settles in the physical and emotional body. Cells remember this. Including in the pelvic area. When we look at trauma we often see that the vagus nerve, the 10th cranial nerve, is disturbed. This is in connection with the pelvic area and the nervous system.

By calming the nervous system through, for example, breathwork, yoga, massage, the energy will flow again in body and mind. But especially around the pelvic area.

The womb as a place of creation

The womb is not a place to store fear and pain. The womb is a place of creation and birth of life.

The rite of the womb is an ancient ritual passed down from woman to woman. A healing ritual in which fear and pain are shared, healed and released.

The rite of the womb is a beautiful and powerful ritual that you can pass on over time after you have received and completed it several times yourself. It requires deep inner work from the past to resolve fear, pain and trauma.

It is even more powerful to do this ritual with the full moon. During the full moon it is the time to take the space to turn inward and feel what you want to let go of. So that you can welcome the new cycle with an open heart and a renewed connection with your womanhood.

The 13th Rite is a gift to yourself. The energy of the initiation, which is both a healing and a blessing, reactivates the feminine power.

The collective feminine energy has been denied, suppressed and abused for centuries. Often we also carry (consciously and/or unconsciously) a lot of pain and sorrow from our mothers and grandmothers or even injuries from other lives … Or have we suffered an injury in this life that caused a large part of the feminine power to be lost.

Now, however, the time has come for every woman to remember who she really is. Full of power but also soft, loving and wise.

The Rite of the Womb is very powerful and gently brings your womb of creation into a natural balance so that your sense of self-confidence and self-esteem will flow again.

A healing, a blessing, a rebirth of the strong, loving essence of your womanhood. The ritual heals you and allows you to be reborn in beauty, strength and dignity.

There is a line of women who have freed themselves from suffering. This women’s line wants to remind us of the following:

The womb is not a place to store fear and pain.
The womb is a place of creation and birth of life.

The female spirit of the jungle reminds us of this simple and essential truth:

The womb is not a place to store fear and pain.
The womb is a place of creation and birth of life.

This women’s line has given us through the wisdom of the jungle the gift of the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki: the Rite of the Womb. This Rite of the Munay-Ki is separate from the other 9 Munay-Ki initiations and can therefore be received completely separately.

Methods to create relaxation in the pelvis

There are several methods to connect to the creative power from the pelvic area and the uterus.

Yoga and breathwork are great methods to create space in the pelvis. Including the connective tissue, muscles, relaxation of the uterus (during menstruation and pregnancy).

The rite of the womb is a well-known ritual that allows you to come into deep connection with your womb. An inner journey always takes place during this ceremony. This allows you to be deeply relaxed and in surrender.

Practice with a yoni egg to connect to the womb space. The inner part of the vagina can be subject to a lot of tension. Or there may be reduced strength in this area after, for example, childbirth. By practicing with a yoni egg you train your pelvis

Books about the pelvis

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