Giving menstrual blood back to mother earth

The menstrual cup is increasingly becoming an emerging product among women. It ensures less waste and hygiene is also better. I also recommend the menstrual cup after the Rite of the Womb. A ritual that has been passed on from woman to woman for years. The menstrual cup can provide support in returning menstrual blood to mother earth. Are you reading that correctly? Yes. When you give menstrual blood back to mother earth, this has a healing effect. Read more about it in this blog.

Less waste and more hygiene

In the first place, the menstrual cup ensures less waste and more hygiene. Something that is important for the sustainability of the world. But it is also important for a woman’s hygiene that she uses products that benefit her own health. You may have read more about the tampon disease which can be a risk. But also, for example, the risk of leakage is reduced with a menstrual cup.

Rite of the Womb

The rite of the womb is a ritual that comes from the jungle and has been passed from woman to woman for years. During this ritual you release old pain and fear from the womb, which unconsciously remains stuck in the system. During this ritual there are part rounds in which women with an imbalance in the cycle, a desire to have children, pregnant, mother, grandmother etc. share what is blocking them. Then an inner journey is made in which the woman is allowed to remember who she is again. From the feminine energy without oppression from previous systems. At the end the rite is passed on which is experienced as healing.

Giving back menstrual blood to Mother Earth

After the rite, the women also receive ‘homework’. The 13 full moons after the rite, women are asked to collect their menstrual blood in a menstrual cup and give it back to Mother Earth. This supports the process of letting go of old patterns and pains. Menstrual blood has a powerful effect on nourishing the earth. It also strengthens your bond with mother earth.

You can mix the menstrual blood with water in a jar and then give it back to mother earth. You can also give it to the plants in your own home. But perhaps there is a power spot in your area where you would like to let the menstrual blood do its work.

1:1 guidance

In my 1:1 guidance sessions I also focus on womb healing. Through soundhealing, breathwork, movement and the rite of the womb. Feel welcome to book a session when you feel the need to balance your menstrual cycle.

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