Raw cacao is increasingly used during ceremonies and rituals. as a connecting factor. To open the heart. Get closer to yourself. But in addition to this spiritual interpretation, raw cocoa also has many health benefits and can easily be used in everyday life. For example, it contains many positive substances for the brain. Magnesium which helps the body to relax. And a number of other interesting health benefits. You can read more about it in this blog.

Health benefits of raw cacao

Raw cacao has a positive effect on the blood vessels and helps to reduce stress. This is because it contains minerals and antioxidants.

Antioxidants/flavonoids supporting your body clean up free radicals and contribute to healthy blood vessels and a healthy heart. During pregnancy, it also contributes to the development of the blood vessels and the heart of the baby. Not too much of course. Anything that stands for too much is not good. But do not immediately feel guilty if you have taken a block of raw chocolate. During cocoa ceremonies it is important to make a lighter version. Around 20 grams is sufficient.

Minerals that the raw cocoa contains contribute to the oxygen content in the blood. In addition, the magnesium has a positive effect on the brain, the immune system and the metabolism. It is therefore not for nothing that people feel more relaxed when they consume raw cocoa on a regular basis. Then in the morning through yogurt or during a ceremony or ritual.

Raw cacao also contains copper and iron. This also contributes to the oxygen level in the blood.

Phenylalanine and Mental Health

Raw cacao also contains a substance that is also called the happiness hormone. This substance phenylalanine is converted into dopamine. This will quickly make you feel happy and happy. This is also the substance that can make you feel like you are sitting on a ‘pink cloud’ during a cacao ritual. Of course, the surrounding factors also play a part in this. I mean the combination with yoga, breathwork and mantra chanting.

Your mental health is therefore boosted by the use of ceremonial cocoa.

Effects of raw cacao on the skin

In addition to the internal effects, raw cacao also has positive effects for the skin. For example, it contains vitamin K – for the suppleness of your skin and vitamin E which contributes to slowing down the aging of your skin. This way you have less chance of wrinkles and the production of pigment spots is slowed down.

You can use a cream with cacao butter that keeps the skin supple. In addition, it can also be effective during pregnancy to reduce stretch marks.

Using raw cacao in your daily life

You can use raw cacao in your daily life in various ways. It is important to choose a raw cocoa that has been processed as little as possible. Below 3 simple ways to apply it directly.

  • Start the day with a cacao drink and an intention
  • Add raw cacao to a smoothie, yogurt or oatmeal
  • Eating raw cacao cubes
  • Treat your skin with cream that contains cacao butter
  • Using raw cacao in a ceremony setting or ritual

Raw cacao is a beautiful product to use during a ceremony or ritual. Think of a full moon or new moon ceremony. But also, for example, during a self-care retreat or manifestation ritual. It can also be nice to do it with your partner.

Drinking raw cacao in a group setting creates a loving connection. With yourself. But also with the people around you with whom you participate in the ceremony or ritual.

You can turn on music while drinking the cacao or, for example, have the ceremony or ritual accompanied by a meditation or breathing exercise. There are various types of ceremonies. For example, there are ceremonies where only mantras are chanted. But there are also ceremonies where a meditation is accompanied while drinking the cacao and this ceremony continues with, for example, yoga and breathing exercises or ecstatic dance.

Online Ceremonies

During the online ceremonies I combine the cacao ceremony with breathwork, pranayama and movement. Sometimes soundhealing. I start the ceremony with a guided meditation in which you make the connection with your heart and can ground more deeply. Like the cacao, you open your heart to love (sweetness) and let your intentions ground deep in the pelvis (darkness / bitterness). Bringing the light and the dark together brings balance to body and mind.

I use the ceremonial cocoa of cacamo cacao. A beautiful product from Bali. For the online ceremonies you can order the cacao for online ceremonies via cacamo. Feel welcome to book an online 1:1 guidance session with me to deepen the connection with your heart and ground yourself more deeply.

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