You will feel this during the new moon of June 18, 2023!

The new moon of June 18, 2023, arrives at 06:36 in Gemini. This sign is about finding balance. Gemini is an air sign. This can sometimes cause impetuous feelings. New ideas can bubble in you. This new moon invites you to step into feeling and give space to what you want to manifest. In this blog, you can read about what you can feel during this new moon of June 2023!

New Moon in Gemini on May 30, 2022

Every lunar cycle starts with a new moon. On May 30, 2022, it will be a new moon in Gemini at 1:30 PM. New moon is the period when it is best to turn inward to feel what intentions you want to set for this new moon cycle. No action yet. But feeling and let it come to you which desires you have and which space you want to create to express this. No action yet. But really consciously turning inwards and feeling. In this blog you can read more about the energy of this new moon in gemini and which rituals you can best do for this.