Full moon in Leo on February 5, 2023

The full moon is in Leo on February 5. Time to follow your heart and also a good moment to reflect on the successes you have achieved in this lunar cycle. By standing still in gratitude, you will experience more and more appreciation in life. Full moon is a perfect time for this. At the same time you can also feel in silence with yourself what you want to let go of. What no longer resonates? What have you successfully completed? Take the space to reflect on this.


Leos are often in the light. They want to be seen. Social, fiery and positivity are highly valued by the lions. Precisely because they take action on their desires, they often get what they desire. No fear. But fun is key.

Leos can be very loving, funny and positive. But also have other lesser qualities such as being self-centered, dramatic, materialistic and wanting to be the best at everything.

The lion in full moon invites you to reflect where you are now. Is this in line with your soul feeling? Your passion? Or are you looking for recognition from others and would you like to be seen?

The most important person who can see you is yourself. See yourself. See what you stand for. Feel what makes your heart and fire burn and go do it. From pleasure and love. This makes life so much easier.

Rituals you can apply during the full moon in leo this february

Yoga and breathwork

Yoga and breathwork help you to feel what drives you. By breathing and doing stretches for your body, the energy can flow again. The moon phase yin yoga e-book will support you in practicing yin yoga during the full moon.

Moon walk

A moon walk connects you deeply with nature. The magic of the night side that helps you reflect. What are you thankful for? And what do you want to release? Experience it during a magical walk in the light of the moon. The power of nature has a healing effect on our body.

Cocoa Ceremony

Leo is a fire sign. What makes your inner fire burn? What is letting your heart overflowing? A Cacao Ceremony can help you feel that in all your senses during this full moon. It helps you connect with your heart.

If you want to discover and feel how you can live more from your heart and from love. For yourself and for others. You can do a cacao ceremony for yourself during this full moon. Do a meditation or yoga class. Start with drinking the cacao and sink into your heart.

When you start living from your soul and your passion, you will also attract people who belong to your soul path. It is also a great way to combine it with the Value Journaling Workbook which supports you to define your personal values.

Raw Ceremonial Cocoa is an ancient plant medicine that helps to open your heart. You can order cocoa from Pure Kakaw prior to the ceremony. Or maybe you already have cocoa at home.

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