New Moon in Pisces is approaching. On February 20, 2023, the new moon is in the water sign Pisces. During this new moon in Pisces, you are invited to turn inward and sink into deep feeling. What intention do you want to set for this new moon? What do you dream of? Pisces are dreamers and you may also feel big dreams inside. How do you give space to this? In this blog, you can read more about the new moon in fish and associated rituals.

Pisces are big dreamers

What are your biggest dreams? Do you dare to give space to this, or do you feel certain fears that still hold you back? This new moon invites you to explore and feel these fears that you want to grow into. Be careful not to stray into your own fantasy world and make concrete plans. This helps you to give direction to your desires. What does your energy flow from? Give this space from passion and connection with yourself! This is a time when you can make that change in your life that you desire.

Rituals to do during the new moon in Pisces, February 2023

New moon is a period when you can set new intentions. Also, a good time to do this during a ritual. In the Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book you can read various exercises that you can do during the new moon. But also for the subsequent moon phases.


Yoga is a nice way to turn inwards. By sinking into silence and arriving at yourself, you can hear your inner voice speak. Pisces is a water sign. It is therefore nice to do exercises that match that.

Connect with water

By connecting yourself to water, you can literally give space to yourself. Water helps to cleanse, recharge and release. Water also has a ripple effect if you let your energy flow through it. For example, you can dip in cold water. Or just take a hot shower. Every drop of water gives you renewed energy, recharges your body and brings creativity and inspiration.

It’s time to stop dreaming and make it worth…

Holistic Dreamer Business Boost

As a holistic entrepreneur, do you want to make your big dreams come true? But don’t you know how? Or do you find it difficult to ask the right prices for your offer? And do you find it exciting, or are you not sure how and where you can make yourself visible?

Then step into a Holistic Dreamer Business Boost with me. My name is Joyce Mol. As Founder of Mind Events Factory, I dare to assure you that I can help you towards a clear offer with fair prices. I have been an entrepreneur for more than 5 years, have knowledge of marketing, SEO, building platforms, devising strategy, networking, living from the cycle and seasons. It’s time for you to start charging prices and put up an offer that makes you happy and that you don’t have to hold back.

What do you get in a Holistic Dreamer Business Boost?

☾ 6 weeks of coaching on your product, service or course via zoom
☾ feedback on your sales pages


Your investment for this journey is a one-off €2222. Payment in 3 installments is possible.

Book your 1st session

Book your 1st coaching session via the agenda below. For the first session, you pay €122,- This will be deducted from the program invoice.

In the coaching I work with breathwork, yoga, inner strategy work, womb healing, core value research, so that you can put your offer from your own nature and value. It’s time to shine your lies.

You can also book a private retreat with me for 5 days in the South of France. We can fill in this private retreat according to your wishes. Coaching, yoga, breathwork, womb healing, cocoa ceremonies. Working on your product, service and who you want to be as a person next to your company. Book an appointment for this via the agenda below so that we can shape your desired retreat.

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