Pain in the body is a messenger to listen to

Do you recognize this? You experience pain in your body and do take paracetamol or medicines to suppress the pain. But what happens when you start listening to the pain? Pain is a messenger that helps you treat your body more lovingly. In this blog I tell more about trauma and pain in the body and how you can heal this.

Emotional and physical stagnations in the body

Emotional and physical stagnations are unconsciously stored in the body. For example, you can experience physical complaints due to intense emotions. But also vice versa. If you keep going with physical complaints for a long time, this will cause emotional imbalance in the end. From Chinese medicine we link this to the meridians and natural elements.

The fascia as messenger and guide

The fascia is one of the most important elements in the body that causes chronic pain. It is the membrane and tissue that holds our body together. The fascia is formed around the muscles, bones, joints and organs.

When imbalance occurs in the fascia (the membrane) due to, for example, an accident, surgery, injury, this affects the entire body. By changing posture and structure in the body.

There are various methods to give the fascia space again. In my breath, yin & fascia therapy training you learn with yin yoga & fascia massage balls how you can give more space and recovery to the fascia.

On an emotional and physical level.

Breathwork is also a big part of this. With your breathing you create more space in your body. Stagnations also often arise because one does not breathe properly. When you don’t breathe through completely, the fascia doesn’t get enough oxygen and it becomes stiff. Your breathing is one of the most important tools to create more mobility and flexibility in your body.

Soothe muscles and joints

Our muscles and joints require movement to stay flexible. In the world we live in now people move less and less or in a natural way.

When you experience pain, it is important to move. In a gentle way as well as in an active way. The balance here is very important.

Dare to take a rest

Dare to rest when your body tells you to. You will notice that your body moves from the action position more to a flow position when you allow it. Moving in life from peace and surrender. Not out of fear or anxiety.

Breathwork and yoga

Breathwork and yoga are the most favorite methods for me to create space in the body again. This is because I always have it with me. I can do it myself when needed. To this day I am grateful that I gave myself the space to learn about this.

The wisdom of the body is so precious. Yin Yoga taught me about illness and healing from Chinese medicine and the natural elements. Many diseases in the body are caused by not listening to our body properly.

For me it was a valuable method after a car accident to recover from whiplash complaints, ptsd and a disorder in the vestibular system. Not just yin yoga. Later I also immersed myself in movement therapy, yang forms in yoga, breath work and the rhythms from nature.

Dare to rest. Breathe in surrender. Lovingly listen to your body what it indicates and dare to make choices. On the basis of work, relationships, friendships, etc. ultimately ensure that you can regain balance physically and emotionally.

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