New Moon in Cancer on June 29

On June 29 at 04:52 it will be the new moon in Cancer. Cancer is also seen as the mother of the zodiac. It is about caring, family and returning to the self. Cancers like to care. They are emotional beings that are incredibly loyal. Cancers have trouble letting go. But letting go is precisely the power of transformation. In this blog you can read more about the energy of the new moon on June 29 in Cancer and which rituals you can apply.

New moon and cancer

New moon is a period of turning inward. Feel which direction you want to go. Together with the zodiac sign of Cancer, this really brings you back to yourself. By being in silence and listening to your desires, you will soon be able to take clear steps. During new moon you just have to be and feel. You can meditate, breathe, journal during this new moon. Write without shame from your feelings. That is your silent power. Cancers are really sensitive people. When you give your feelings space, you can really shine from your authenticity.

Rituals during the new moon

  1. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself the space to just be. Cancers are water signs. The moon has a lot of influence on the water element. When you feel a little more emotional or can’t sleep well. Then first take the time to meditate. In love and rest. So you can really come home to yourself.
  2. Take a warm bath or recharge yourself in water (river, sea or lake). By connecting with water, you connect with yourself. The source where the cancer zodiac comes from.
  3. On Wednesday 29 June you can also participate in the New Moon Cacao, breath, yin & intention class (online) from 09.00 – 10.15 AM CET (Amsterdam). A beautiful start of your day in silence and tranquility to set the right intention for this new moon.
  4. You can also start your moon practice yourself with the Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book which I published in 2018. Because I am a Cancer myself, you will now receive a €10.00 discount during this new moon on the e-book. In this e-book you will discover a practice for each moon phase with yin exercises, journal practices and information about the meridians and Chinese medicine.

Which new moon ritual are you going to do for yourself?


This moonblog is written by Joyce Mol. Founder of Mind Events Factory, author of the Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book, breathwork & yoga teacher. Each month, during the new moon and full moon, Joyce gives a workshop or lesson on that moon’s theme.

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