Cleanse your womb energetically

The womb is a place in which women unconsciously and consciously store emotions. It is a place of creation and birth of life. But various events in life can cause imbalance in the womb. Think of sexual contact without love, abuse, contraception, trauma, etc. You can energetically cleanse your womb with various exercises. Read more about it in this blog.

Birth control

Contraception is a collective term for methods and means to ensure that a woman does not become pregnant. It is seen as easy. But what is forgotten is that we are confusing our own natural system. For some women it has less impact than others. With one it can take years before she has found her own cycle again. For the other it is already after the first month if she decides to get pregnant.

From the ritual ‘the rite of the womb’ we have seen that women start to flow their own cycle again. Sound healing, yoga and/or breathwork aimed at the pelvis and womb can also help to stimulate the energy in this area.

Cleansing energy from sexual partners

When you have had different sexual partners, it is possible that there is still a connection on an energetic level. This can be in the form of love. But also abuse. Or, for example, just a sexual connection. The book Womb Wisdom contains practices that you can do to energetically cleanse your womb of sexual partners. These are exercises that you can easily do yourself at home. It contains a meditative assignment.

For me personally, it has done a lot to break lines with past sexual partners. Lines that had long since been broken in the physical form. But energetically were still present. It was the path to healing my womb.

Abuse and trauma

Abuse and trauma leave deep marks. Not just in the womb and pelvis. The entire physical system can bear the burden of this. Personally, I believe you can do a lot in restoring this. For example, by talking to a psychologist. But body-oriented therapy and healing is also an important element.

By connecting with your body and healing these places you will experience more freedom and confidence again. In yourself. Your body. Your whole being.

You are welcome to participate in a rite of the womb ritual or you can book an online 1:1 guidance session.

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