Do you live from your heart? Explore it during the New Moon in Aries! The new moon is in Aries on March 21 in 2023. At 18:26 exactly, the new moon is. This new moon is in a fire sign. A fire sign asks you to feel what makes your fire burn. What is your heart full of? In this blog you can read how you can start working with the energy of this new moon.

Meaning New Moon in Aries March 2023

Aries are adventurous signs. They are independent and born leaders. This new moon in Aries can help empower you. Aries is ambitious, confident, sexy and charismatic. What is your heart full of? Take the time to feel it right during this new moon.

New moon is a period in which we turn inward and take the space to feel which new intentions we want to set. It takes courage and connection with ourselves to feel what is present in ourselves from heart desire. The New Moon in Aries invites you to do this.

What rituals can you do during the new moon in March?

Yin Yoga practice to start the new lunar cycle

Yin yoga can be supportive in the process of turning inward and feeling what makes your fire burn. In the Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book which I released in 2018, you will find exercises for every moon phase, journal practices and information about Chinese medicine. The E-book is nice to start with during the new moon and you can pick it up again every lunar cycle. It helps you to look deep inside and feel what your heart will flow from your own rhythm. Your own essence.

Cocoa Ceremony to connect with your heart (fire element)

The zodiac sign Aries is a fire sign. A cocoa ceremony can help you connect with your heart and your inner fire.

You can do a cocoa ceremony at home to connect with your heart’s desires. Take the space to feel what your heart is full of. Pure Kakaw’s cocoa is a great product to work with.

On March 21 at New Moon, Cacamo’s Cacao Facilitator Program will also start in which you will learn how to host cacao ceremonies. With the code ‘mindevents50’ you will receive a €50.00 discount on the entire course. Sign up here.

SMART core values ​​research

Do you find it difficult to properly name your core values? Then the SMART core values ​​research in the Value Journaling Workbook can support you. In this you will clearly describe your core values ​​in all areas of your life. Family, friends, work, fun, education. Your core values ​​are reflected in all areas of your life. Every now and then something changes in your life that allows you to review it again.

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