Did you know that the lunar cycle has almost as many days as your menstrual cycle? Many people therefore wonder what the influence of the moon is on our feminine cycle. After all, the moon has a major influence on our life on earth. In this blog, I tell you what the lunar cycle and menstrual cycle have in common and what that means for you.

The moon cycle and menstrual cycle

The moon goes through all phases in 29.53 days, a female menstrual cycle lasts an average of 28 days. Although some label this as a coincidence, there is also a very large group that is convinced that the moon phases and the menstrual cycle are connected.

When we look at the various phases in both cycles – so of both the moon and menstruation – there are many similarities. Both cycles are divided into four phases. The lunar cycle has the new moon, the first quarter, the full moon and the last quarter. The menstrual cycle is divided into menstruation, preparation for ovulation, ovulation itself and the phase after ovulation.

The connection between the moon and our feminine power

It is clear that the cycle and phases of both the moon and menstruation correspond. But what is the connection between the two? For the answer to that question, we have to look at the white moon cycle and red moon cycle. Some women menstruate within the white moon cycle (new moon), another part within the red moon cycle (full moon).

The phase of the moon in which you menstruate tells something about who you are as a person. Do you menstruate in the red moon cycle? Then you are connected to the archetype of the wise woman / Lilith. You stand in your power and feel the energy flowing through your body. Women who menstruate in the white lunar cycle are connected to the Mother archetype. You are a family man, known for your caring nature, and do well to follow your intuition.

It may also be good that somewhere in your life you switch from the red moon cycle to the white moon cycle or vice versa. In addition, contraception naturally affects your period and your cycle – when you use contraception – is no longer natural.

In balance with the moon and your menstrual cycle

It may well be that your menstrual cycle is not balanced. Perhaps you have irregular periods, you have just stopped taking the pill, or you are going through menopause. You feel the hormones raging through your body and can feel restless now and then. Linking your menstrual cycle to the lunar cycle can then be very healing. Just by dwelling on your body and feeling what is happening, you will already experience more peace.

Yoga and breathwork can also help to get your hormonal imbalance back in order. Breathing well and grounding gives peace to your body and your head, which will reduce complaints such as hormonal imbalance, but also menstrual pain. The Full Moon Cacao & Rite of the Womb Ceremony can support you to release pain and fear from the womb. The ritual conists of an inner journey with breathwork. A feminine breathwork practice which will relax and sooth your womb and pelvic space.

Just by feeling consciously in your body again with your breathing and giving your body space, you give space to your real self. This way you experience more space physically and mentally. The online breath, yin & fascia therapy course or a Private Divine Feminine Retreat in the South of France with me can also support you in creating more balance and connection with the feminine energy. My Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book will give you support in living with the phases of the moon and your menstrual cycle. This e-book has helped many women to connect more with the cycles of the moon and their menstrual cycle.

Reduce your menstrual pain

Do you experience many complaints around your period? Then there are various solutions to reduce your pain. For example, Joyce Mol has been using CBD Yoni Oil for some time. She says about this: ‘I started using the CBD oil so that the pain became less, and I could relax better during my period. The fact that this CBD oil is made for women and by women gave me confidence. It also gave me peace of mind to use natural resources to create more balance in my hormone system.’

This link will take you to the Healmary website where you can purchase various CBD drops. The bath bomb ylang-ylang and the yoni oil are very suitable to use during your period.

In addition to using CBD Yoni Oil, there are of course other ways to relieve your menstrual pain. As mentioned before, yoga helps to balance your body. The same applies to your menstrual complaints.

Do you want to become more balanced and live on the moon? When I had just stopped taking birth control, I wrote an E-book. With the Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book you can align your life – and therefore your menstrual cycle – to the rhythm of the moon. Want to read more about the moon? Go here to all moon blogs.

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