Motherhood, business and time for yourself

Managing motherhood, business and time for yourself

Motherhood, running a business and keeping time for yourself is something which can feel challenging. In my first year as a mother, I found it very difficult to combine motherhood and business and chose to be full-time with my little one. Since the beginning of this year, she is going to daycare. This was the timing I felt ready to let her go into the world and have more time for myself and work again. But then. Managing motherhood, a business and time for myself. It is still challenging. But I found my ways to practice, take my time and work, while being and spending a lot of time with my toddler as well. I share it in this blog.

Tips to manage motherhood, business and time for yourself

Conscious motherhood

We live in a society where it is very normal to go back to work very fast after giving birth. Some go already after 6 weeks. In India, for example, it is normal to stay inside the first 40 days after giving birth. A healing process of a mother after giving birth takes time. While I thought I would be ready to work again after 3 months, I wasn’t. And had to cancel all my planned activities. In fact, it took me 1 year to be ready again. Yes, I work remotely. But being away from home – or being able to do work for more than 3–4 hours after each other, wasn’t something I felt comfortable with. It had to grow. I was breastfeeding (I still am now at 18 months). And I do believe in conscious motherhood. Looking at what my baby needs and what I need.

I felt a lot of times judged – but in fact it was my own mind who was taking in other’s opinions as important. While in fact, my feeling and desires and the needs for my child are most important.

Sharing practices together

Sharing practices together with my child is very healing for myself, but also for my child. Children, who see their parents doing movement practices, will like it to practice movement themselves as well when they grow older. Kids learn by seeing what their parents do. It can be challenging sometimes when the child wants to play with toys or do something else. But in fact in Mum & Child Yoga I learned it is most important to make the child comfortable. Make it fun. Invite them to play during the practice. Let their minds be creative. Let their bodies move as they want. Because that is what yoga is about too for us as adults. We move and feel our desires, what is needed for our bodies. This is what we want to learn the child as well.

Practice while your toddler sleeps

If you really desire a practice alone, my advice would be: ‘Practice while your toddler sleeps’. Do something for yourself. It can be a meditation, yoga practice or drinking tea with some journaling. My Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book is a nice practice to follow for yourself.

Work when your toddler sleeps or is going to daycare

If you have or want to run your own business as a mother while you have young growing children, it is important to find a rhythm that suits you both. I worked when my little one was sleeping in the first year. Now she goes 2-3 days to daycare, and I try to schedule my working days during these days.

Go on a retreat together

Mum & child quality time is really important. How beautiful is it to go on a retreat together. Practicing yoga together, making memories, visiting eco farms and animals. Spending time in nature is bringing them back to their root. Feel welcome for a Mum & Child Retreat in the South of France.

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