Full Flower Moon in May: its meaning and rituals

The May Full Flower Moon is a term used to describe the full moon in May. This moon phase symbolizes blossoming, growth and renewal, because it often coincides with the blossoming of spring and the blooming of flowers and plants. The Full Flower Moon is associated with fertility, abundance and achieving full potential.

Date: 23th of May

Full Flower Moon invites you to reflect

Spiritually, the Full Flower Moon can be an invitation to reflect on personal growth, goals and intentions. It is a time to open up to change, transformation and new possibilities. By embracing the energy of the Flower Moon. You can work on allowing your own inner potential to blossom and realize your dreams.


Rituals and practices that can be performed during the Full Flower Moon are aimed at strengthening your connection with nature. Cultivating gratitude and attracting positive energy. Meditation, visualization, making an altar with flowers, and performing cleansing ceremonies are some ways to honor and harness the energy of the Flower Moon.

The Online Full Moon Cacao & Rite of the Womb is a beautiful ritual to connect with your own inner nature. You can do this ritual at your desired time.

Celebrating this full moon is spiritual and healing

Celebrating the Full Moon in May can be a powerful spiritual and healing moment, opening yourself up to growth, blossoming and renewal. By consciously working with the energy of the Full Moon, you can ground yourself, connect with your inner wisdom and strengthen your spiritual path. Let the energy of the Flower Moon guide you to a time of flourishing and abundance in all aspects of your life.

In Vedic Astrology, the Full Moon is in the sign of Scorpio and the Anuradha Nakshatra. A sign and moon house that are also about fertility and transformation. Read the Full Moon blog according to Vedic Astrology here.

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