Full Moon January 2023 is in Cancer: time to soften

The full moon of January 2023 is in Cancer. On January 7, it’s time to soften. Cancer is a water sign which stands for homely atmosphere, motherhood, sisterhood, emotional balance. Feeling acceptance in everything that is. The fact that lobster is in the full moon in winter brings us back to the essence. Winter represents the water element. Yin energy and feminine soft power. During this period, you can take up space for yourself in softness. Practicing self-care and self-love. In this blog, you can read more about rituals you can apply to arrive in your soft power.

New Moon in Aquarius February 1, 2022

On February 1, at 6:49:10 AM exactly, it will be the New Moon in Aquarius. The moon is then 370,202 km away from Earth. New Moon is the phase in the cycle in which we can silently feel what the course will be for the coming moon phase. We will not act yet. It is precisely the invitation to turn in silence. To meditate. Practicing breathwork or yoga. In this blog you can read more about the meaning of New Moon in Aquarius and what you can do to give space to your intentions.