Full Moon January 2023 is in Cancer: time to soften

The full moon of January 2023 is in Cancer. On January 7, it’s time to soften. Cancer is a water sign which stands for homely atmosphere, motherhood, sisterhood, emotional balance. Feeling acceptance in everything that is. The fact that lobster is in the full moon in winter brings us back to the essence. Winter represents the water element. Yin energy and feminine soft power. During this period, you can take up space for yourself in softness. Practicing self-care and self-love. In this blog, you can read more about rituals you can apply to arrive in your soft power.

Meaning of the zodiac sign Cancer and the full moon in January 2023

Cancers are emotional types who are very sensitive by nature. They bring softness and grounding to the world in which one can surrender to all that is. The primal mothers of nature. During the full moon in lobster, it is nice to make it nice and cozy at home. Light the candles. Cook tasty and healthy meals. Take care of yourself. Take a warm bath or shower and possibly a cold shower to feel recharged.

This is the time to let go of what no longer serves you. You can let go of everything about emotions, feelings, relationships, projects and any items that no longer serve you. You can do various rituals for this.


Write off your emotions and feelings. Make it a ritual. By consciously meditating on the theme that you want to let go of, you arrive at yourself. This way, you actually make the space to feel what you want to let go of. After this, you can start writing freely. Write down everything that comes to mind in 10–20 minutes. Afterward, you can ritually burn this paper under the full moon.

Do you want support with moon rituals? Then download my Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book. This E-book contains information about every moon phase, yin yoga practices and journal assignments. You can use this again every lunar cycle.

Create a sacred space

Earlier in this blog, I wrote about how to make it nice and warm at home. Light the candles. Create a sacred space. Possibly with an altar on which you can place your gemstones. Materials that strengthen your intention for this full moon.

You can also think for yourself what you want to let go of things. What do you no longer need? Are you passing it on to someone else? Do you throw it away? Tidy up your house so that you can flow fresh and tidy into spring later. From the soft feminine energy to the masculine awakening power.

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