Pelvic release is what brings us back to our roots. Our base. Feeling deeply. Home within ourselves. The 1st Chakra. Root. Muladhara is all about Grounding. It’s my home. Always with me. Always inside me. Always able to sink back into my center. My home.

Close your eyes. Take a breath and focus on your inhale and exhale. This is present time. What matters the most. Life force. Just being.

The pelvis goes up to the 2nd chakra. Swadhisthana in Sanskrit. Also called the sacral or sex chakra. This is all about the feminine energy. Feminine flow. Deep stillness. Intuïtion. Water element. Dancing, flow in your own rhythm, releasing tension while making fun, joy, pleasure. Yes also sexuality is a way to release tension from the pelvis. Hips, groins, si-joint, buttock’s muscles and psoas. Sensual movements, breathing and moving freely without thinking how it should look like. Going into deep feeling. Opening up to your own sacred sensual movements. Moving as a free woman / men. We both have feminine and masculine energy within us. Gender doesn’t matter.

During my 1:1’s, weekly classes and retreats I focus on grounding, sensual movements, releasing tension to flow and ground deeply within. From there we can go upwards to heart opening practices. Using your own breath and rhythm as guide. Our root & base is the fundament of who we are.

You are super powerful as human being in releasing tension, trauma and emotions. With your own breath, movement, stretching, surrendering and letting go.

Women and men have a pelvis. Practices related to the root are powerful for everyone. Feel welcome! Ground yourself. Make fun. Go into the stillness. Just be.

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