Discover your inner fire through your core values

Summer is a great time to rediscover your inner fire. In summer, the fire element takes center stage. This is connected to passion, feeling connected to the people around you or just rediscovering them. Having a clear understanding of your core values ​​supports you in this. You can read more about it in this blog.

What are core values?

Your core values ​​are beliefs and values ​​that are important to you. These are deeply anchored in you. It creates your reality about yourself and others. Your core values ​​also determine why certain people suit you and others don’t. Above all, your core values ​​make your WHY. Why you do things. You have a vision here to which your core values ​​are linked.

Based on your core values ​​and the why, you can start thinking about the qualities you possess. This is mainly about HOW. How do you do the things you do linked to your core values?

How do I know what my core values ​​are?

It is important to have insight into your personal core values. This will help you decide what is important to you in life. In the field of work, finances, relationships, relaxation, personal growth, etc.

You can ask yourself questions about what really matters to you. But also be honest in what you feel. Don’t just base this from thinking. Breathwork, for example, can be a great method to go into feeling with yourself and discover what is important to you.

On July 28, Joyce Mol will give a workshop in which you will clarify your core values ​​through the Value Journaling method. Combined with pranayama and meditation. The workshop consists in the first part of arriving at yourself, feeling and then you will get started with practical exercises and SMART writing out your core values, goals and desires.

What if I find it difficult to determine my core values?

You can get support for this during the workshop on July 28. You make it clear to yourself which old patterns you want to let go of. You base this on your core values. What is important to you? What feeling do you want to experience in your life?

Discover your inner fire

When you have your core values clear, you will automatically discover your inner fire. You can also go one step further with this. Through coaching and bodywork. Joyce gives 1:1 guidance sessions in which she also helps you to discover and deepen your inner fire. This can be on a personal level, work, business etc.

Books you can read about values & inner fire

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