Exercises to relax tense jaws

If you often suffer from headaches and stress, chances are that you suffer from tense jaws. You can get this through stress, concentration, nightmares or, for example, grinding your teeth. With this simple massage exercise, you can relax your tense jaws muscles again. An exercise that you can repeat regularly for the optimal effect.

If you have been suffering from stress for a long time, it can take a while before your tense jaws muscles are completely relaxed again. Take the time for this. Massage the connective tissue of your jaw muscles every day in the morning and evening and see after a few weeks whether the connective tissue, muscles and joints feel permanently relaxed.

Practice this if you often have tense jaws

  • Massage deeply in the tissues of the jaws (the connective tissue is very stiff there)
  • Massage from the jaws, to the ears and eyes
  • Repeat this every morning and evening

Causes of tense jaws

If you often suffer from tense jaws due to bruxism, for example, then it is good to investigate where this comes from. This can be done, for example, with a psychologist, dentist and physiotherapist. But you can also go further in other relaxation exercises for your jaw muscles. For example, breathing exercises are very effective in relaxing the neck, jaw and shoulders.

It is also possible that the tense jaws originate from another part of your body. The pelvis. During the monthly online breath, yin & fascia therapy workshop you will learn more about it.

Relationship between tense jaws and pelvis

It is also quite possible that tension in the jaws arises from the pelvic area. The jaws are connected to the pelvic region. In my yin & fascia therapy workshops, courses & retreats you will discover exercises that help you to relieve tension in the pelvis, neck and jaws.

Often complaints in a specific area do not arise on the spot itself. But it arises through compensation due to pain or imbalance in another place in the body. The fascia / connective tissue is an interconnected system throughout the body. When an imbalance occurs somewhere due to pain, scar tissue or fractures, this can work through compensation to, among other things, the jaws.

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