Various ways of self-massage

When you suffer from stiff muscles or experience emotional blockages, it is nice to apply self-massage. This way you can relax into your body again and experience more energy. You can do self-massage with your hands. But also with fascia massage balls in combination with yin yoga postures. In this blog, you can read more about various ways of self-massage.

Self-massage with your breath

To start with the most important tool that you always have at your disposal. Your breathing. Your breath massages your body from the inside out. Every inhalation, you take space inside. Each exhale releases your tension. You can consciously breathe to the places in your body where you experience tension and create space there.

Self-massage with fascia balls

You can also massage yourself with fascia balls. The fascia is the membrane that holds your body together and where blockages arise due to physical and emotional complaints. Also think of imbalance due to operations in the tissue, due to childbirth or an accident. But trauma-related complaints can also cause imbalance in the fascia. With fascia balls and yin yoga postures, you can regain balance. By seeking out the silence. To go into feeling and to investigate which emotions arise from the physical and emotional body. During my retreats and online breath, yin & fascia therapy workshop we will dive into the knowledge of fascia therapy. Feel welcome to join!

Why apply various ways of self-massage?

Self-massage has several benefits. You can still relax when no one is around. In addition, it has various benefits on a physical and emotional level. You can read them below:

  • Loosens muscles and connective tissue;
  • Release emotions of the day;
  • Helps to connect more with yourself;
  • Makes you aware of the tension in your body;
  • Brings you back to the silence within yourself;
  • Stimulates self-love;
  • You get to know and feel your body better.

Chronic pain complaints and self-massage

If you have been suffering from chronic pain for a long time, now is the time to teach yourself ways in which you can offer yourself relaxation. Self-massage is a great way to reduce chronic pain. The above-mentioned workshop can support you in this.

Other tools that can contribute to self-massage

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