Full Moon in Virgo, March 2023

The full moon in Virgo in March 2023 is coming. On March 7, it’s time to ground & rise. Virgo is an earth sign. This zodiac sign asks you to ground yourself. But also slowly rising from the earth. Do you know that feeling? That you feel grounded? But are you also ready to shine? In this blog, you can read more about how you can work with the energy of this full moon!

Time to ground and rise with Full Moon in Virgo in March

At the beginning of March, we flow from winter into spring. During this period the soil becomes fertile again, and you can rise in energy from ‘grounding’. It is a good time to reflect on what you want to let go of and leave behind during the winter period, and what you want to make space for in the spring and summer season. The zodiac sign Virgo is a sign that falls into the element of Earth and invites you to view it from a grounding perspective. But since we are opening up to spring, it is also time to RISE during this Full Moon in Virgo, March 2023.

Full Moon Rituals

Womb Healing

The earth element in the Virgo Zodiac sign invites us to connect with the womb. The womb, which is a place of creation and birth of life. You can connect with the womb by placing your hands on your ‘womb’. Breathe conscious into this area and feel how you release anxiety and how you can ground more into this place of love & lightness. Keep breathing slowly into this area until you feel you arrived grounded in your ‘home’ your ‘root’ and ‘sacral’ area. If you wish support to connect with this area or heal your womb space from trauma, birth or any other reason. Feel free to book a 1:1 guidance session with me.

Cleanse and charge gems

Full moon is also a great time to cleanse your gemstones. You can clean the gemstones under cold running water. Then you can put them in the soil outside in the moonlight to recharge them. Rinse them again the next morning with cold water.

A nice practice to do during the full moon is also a practice with a gemstone yoni egg.

Practice Grounding Yin Yoga

During the full moon and 2 days before and after, you can practice Grounding Yin Yoga exercises. The Moon Phase Yin Yoga E-book is full of information about yin yoga during the moon phases and Chinese medicine. Yin Yoga supports you to connect with your body, where you can find all the wisdom you seek. The answers are inside you. It is important to listen to the guidance of your soul.

If you are a dutchie, you can also do my ‘Rite van de Baarmoeder Ritual‘ in your own time.

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