Gallbladder meridian out of balance? No change without anger!

Many people say. Oh, don’t get so angry. Or don’t feel so sad. That’s a waste of your time. But is that really so? Suppressing emotions or dismissing emotions can lead to annoying complaints. Mentally and physically. When we look at it from Chinese medicine, emotions are linked to organs, physical and mental complaints or positive energy. In this blog, you can read about gallbladder meridian out of balance and what you can do to restore this.

Position from the gallbladder meridian

Wood element and gallbladder meridian emotions

When we look at anger from Chinese medicine, we link this emotion to the wood element and the gallbladder meridian. When someone has a lot of wood in them, there is an enormous force of movement behind it. Continuing, for example. It may also be that there is no movement and emotions start to accumulate. This can lead to frustration, anger and rage. We need these emotions to get moving. Manifest change.

Gallbladder meridian out of balance

When the gallbladder meridian is out of balance, you may experience frustration, anger, or rage. This is an emotion when someone feels irritated, hurt. Or perhaps antagonized and disappointed. The feeling arises in which something happens that one does not expect or if it does not go the way one wants.

There are several things you can do. You can change your environment. Run away from it. Take space. But you can also look at it. What does this tell me? What can change in my life?

The extent you feel expresses itself in frustration, anger and rage. Anger is the highest attainable.

Don’t keep walking around with your frustration, anger or anger for too long. Talk about it. Get moving. If this means letting go of people, let them go. In love. This will help soften you inside. It doesn’t help to keep walking around in the same environment if frustration, anger and anger keep triggering you.

Personal development and change

The flip side of frustration, anger and rage is personal development and change. We need anger to make adjustments. Often it is waved off or swallowed. But also really take the space to feel it. Just by feeling it through, you give it the space that it may be there. Your feeling may be there. Only if you can embrace this feeling, understand and experience what it wants to tell you, you can also let it go.

When you grow into this and release it, it can flow again. It is about growth, expansion and creativity in a positive sense.

How to express and releasing your frustration, anger and rage

You can express and release your emotions such as frustrations, anger and rage in different ways:

  1. Start the conversation. Why are you mad? What feeling or thought does it give you? By naming it, someone else can also understand you. You know. Sometimes someone else still doesn’t understand you. That’s fine too.
  2. Change your environment. Let go of where you are triggered by this emotion. The environment probably no longer suits you. This could be in your job, your friends, your relationship. Be honest with yourself. Don’t cling to an environment out of “convenience” or “pity.”
  3. Take a rest. Take the time to feel it.
  4. Meditate, do a detox yin yoga class or a breath work practice.
  5. Take a step back
  6. Get moving. Go for a walk, run or boxing, for example. By moving, you can also let go of your emotions.
    Take a course in which you can develop yourself and let go of anger and frustration. In the online yin & fascia therapy course you will learn more about the functioning of the meridians, emotions and their influence on the physical system. You can experience a lot of tension in the pelvis when you experience frustration and anger.

If you want personal guidance, feel free to book a 1:1 guidance session with me. We will focus on your personal challenges.

Holding liver and gallbladder meridian emotions

Holding on to emotions can cause annoying complaints. From Chinese medicine, we look at the organ clock. Frustration and anger is connected to the wood element. This means that it is linked to the liver and gallbladder meridians.

It’s an energy that wants to move… no matter what.

The wood element is connected to the liver and gallbladder meridians. The liver is connected to the gallbladder and provides blood flow and life energy. The gallbladder is responsible for the removal of fats and the distribution of nutrients throughout the body. Together, these two organs create a balance.

The liver meridian starts on the outside of your big toe and runs from there up the leg to the femur (the inside of your leg). From your thigh, the meridian pulls up to your abdomen and ends in the middle of your ribs.

The gallbladder meridian starts in the corner of your eye and runs through your jaw through the side of your body down to your fourth toe and ends there on the outside.

When these two meridians are out of balance, you experience emotions like anger, aggression, impatience, irritability and so on. From the liver, you feel discomfort and tension from the tendons and joints. Psychologically you can experience PMS, Hormonal fluctuations, emotions and depression. From your gallbladder, you can experience complaints such as gallstones, stiffness on the outside of your body.

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