Every year it is Lion Gate on August 8. One of the most important gate days. The Lion’s Gate is seen as a period of transition and transformation. A period in which the energy of change and transformation can be felt by intuitive people and light workers. In this blog, you can read what this portal day entails and what it can mean for you.

What is the Lion’s Gate?

The Lion Gate is named after the constellation Leo. At the moment of the Lion’s Gate (Gate Day), the Sun is in the constellation Leo. The Lion’s Gate always takes place on the 8th day of the 8th month. In August. Then the sun is in lion. During this period, a cosmic energy then arises between the spiritual and the earth. Some kind of cosmic energy or activation. This is felt especially for spiritual people and light workers. During this period you can feel more emotional. And be even better connected to your intuition and feel empowered by this. You are all set for this activation.

At this time there is a cosmic alignment in which the Earth and the brightest star Sirius make a direct connection. The star appears to be moving closer to Earth. This has been seen for centuries and is a clear moment for renewal, activation and transformation.

What can you do during this period of transformation?

The sun is in Leo. The fire element. In this you connect with your passion, core values ​​and strength. The power in you. It’s time to let your light shine. To give your silent power space without shame. From passion and pleasure.

You can practice my online Lion’s Gate Activation Meditation online which you can do around this period. You can order the video of the Meditation via the link above and practice the Meditation at your own time. I will send it on the 7th of August. Right before the portal of the Lion gate becomes lighter.

It’s time to let your light shine. And to step into your silent power. During this Lion’s Gate Activation Meditation, Joyce takes you on an inner journey in which you can discover that power.

After this meditation, you can also fill in the Value Journaling Workbook so that you get a clear picture of your core values ​​and goals. This affects all areas of your life. Relationships, business, work, personal development. You can order the workbook separately with the meditation and then complete it in your own space at your own pace.

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